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You're invited to be a Founding Donor, Anne
Special invitation for you: Become a Founding Donor to our 100 Day Resistance Fund before midnight! Your donation will go directly to help Democrats keep fighting the Trump agenda and to elect more Democrats to Congress, governorships, and state legislature who will stand up for our values: my.democrats.org/100-Day-Resistance-Fund-AB
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The Scoop: New Ag Secretary, VA Health Care, Biodiesel, Bipartisanship
<outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/Customers/SenGrassley/Scoop.jpg> About Grassley <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww grassley.senate.gov%2fabout&redir_log=928978509833256> Constituent Services <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww grassley.senate.gov%2fconstituents&redir_log=449195868256312> News Center <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww grassley.senate.gov%2fnews&redir_log=1069771078250> Contact Grassley <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww grassley.senate.gov%2fcontact&redir_log=704803046076271> Grassley Direct I spoke with <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.grassley.senate.gov%2fnews%2faudio%2fcapitol-hill-report-131&redir_log =04239890058454> Ed Funston of KILR in Estherville and Gordon Wolf of the Denison Bulletin and Review about President Trump's proposed tax plan, defunding sanctuary cities, renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, reform of the biodiesel tax credit and North Korea. <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.grassley.senate.gov%2fnews%2faudio%2fcapitol-hill-report-131&redir_log =04239890058454> Q&A: Small Business Q. Why are small businesses a big deal for America? Q. What issues do you hear about from small business employers and their employees? <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fme dium.com%2f%40ChuckGrassley%2fq-a-small-businesses-e4538a698c48&redir_lo g=747670800607442> <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fhtt p%3a%2f%2fwww.grassley.senate.gov%2fnews%2fcommentary%2fqa-country-origi n-labeling&redir_log=804103542421567> Quick Links Former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue received broad, bipartisan support to become the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.grassley.senate.gov%2fnews%2fnews-releases%2fgrassley-statement-confir mation-sonny-perdue-be-us-secretary-agriculture&redir_log=82923080827987 6> . I'm confident that he will hit the ground running in his new job. I also look forward to working with Secretary Perdue and consulting his department as a new Farm Bill is drafted and as international trade is debated in Congress. I introduced <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.grassley.senate.gov%2fnews%2fnews-releases%2fgrassley-cantwell-lead-gr oup-14-senators-bolster-renewable-fuels-biodiesel-tax&redir_log=92033828 7684906> bipartisan legislation to reform the biodiesel tax credit <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.facebook.com%2fgrassley%2fposts%2f10155146780185797%3fnotif_t%3dnotify _me_page%26notif_id%3d1493069469137661&redir_log=468012134754699> and extend the new policy for three years. This bill would end a system that gives many foreign producers a leg up over U.S. producers and give certainty to the biodiesel industry, which employs thousands of Iowans <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.facebook.com%2fgrassley%2fvideos%2fvb.106480645796%2f10155149354710797 %2f%3ftype%3d2%26theater%26notif_t%3dnotify_me_page%26notif_id%3d1493247 786216024&redir_log=012720580505963> . U.S. producers shouldn't be put at a disadvantage by foreign producers that in many cases are double dipping by benefiting from U.S. tax incentives on top of their own significant government subsidies. According to a newly released independent study, I ranked fifth <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou treach.senate.gov%2fiqextranet%2fiqClickTrk.aspx%3f%26cid%3dSenGrassley% 26crop%3d14271.8982253.5541510.7338375%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps %253a%252f%252fwww.grassley.senate.gov%252fnews%252fnews-releases%252fst udy-grassley-ranks-fifth-senate-bipartisanship%26redir_log%3d11649180553 706&redir_log=145739631892> in the United States Senate for bipartisanship in the 114th Congress. I hope my work for Iowans <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww messengernews.net%2fopinion%2feditorial%2f2017%2f04%2fgrassley-shows-ho w-congress-should-function%2f&redir_log=308711681302689> serves as an example that working together is not only possible, but also should be expected of elected officials. I introduced <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.grassley.senate.gov%2fnews%2fnews-releases%2fbipartisan-bill-seeks-hel p-meet-shortage-health-care-professionals-serving&redir_log=295148523836 885> bipartisan legislation to help improve veterans' health care by encouraging medical professionals to work in under-served areas. The Department of Veterans Affairs ought to have every tool at its disposal to help recruit medical professionals wherever they're needed so that veterans aren't forced to wait for care. I re-introduced <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.grassley.senate.gov%2fnews%2fnews-releases%2fleaders-senate-and-house- judiciary-committees-reintroduce-bipartisan-legislation&redir_log=819843 438689933> bipartisan legislation to combat the anticompetitive practices used by some brand-name pharmaceutical and biologic companies to block entry of lower-cost generic drugs into the marketplace. This bill takes important steps to improve the current system so that consumers have access to more affordable generic drugs in a timely fashion. I introduced <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.grassley.senate.gov%2fnews%2fnews-releases%2fgrassley-leads-resolution -commemorating-national-sexual-assault-awareness-month&redir_log=3116394 83129928> a bipartisan resolution to commemorate April as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Many survivors of sexual violence suffer from severe and lasting challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. This resolution brings greater awareness to the problem of sexual assault and publicly acknowledges the survivors of such horrible crimes. Post of the Week <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.instagram.com%2fp%2fBTWd280A58q%2f%3ftaken-by%3dsenatorchuckgrassley%2 6hl%3den&redir_log=761230134064553> Mallory Smith of West Des Moines A photo <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2ftw itter.com%2fChuckGrassley%2fstatus%2f857232031381696512&redir_log=552609 671632363> posted by @senatorchuckgrassley <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=13974.9001902.5541354.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.instagram.com%2fsenatorchuckgrassley%2f%3fhl%3den&redir_log=0550357694 76377> on April 27, 2017
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These women are not impressed
Patricia, EMILY's List women have wasted no time calling out President Trump: "This isn't about what Donald Trump says. This is about what Donald Trump does. And he's delivering one hit after another on working families." -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) "I strongly oppose the president's executive orders on refugees, which violate fundamental American values and undermine our national security." -- Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) "With all of the problems we could try to solve in this country, the president decides to limit women's access to health care. Shameful." -- Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) All 3 of these women are up for re-election next year. Support them and more women like them. Make a donation to help reach our $150,000 End-of-Month goal: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170427_email_EOM - the EMILY's List team
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Just a mom in tennis shoes
Patricia, Patty Murray was never planning to run for office. She was only trying to keep a local preschool program off the chopping block when she was told she would never make a difference because she was just a "mom in tennis shoes." Like any persistent, nasty woman, that experience lit a fire in Patty to prove her naysayer wrong. She organized a grassroots coalition of 13,000 parents to save the program and then ran for school board, state senate, and finally, the U.S. Senate. Today, Senator Murray is one of our country's most effective lawmakers. She's negotiated budgets to keep our government up and running, and she's been a tireless advocate for women and families. She also happens to be the highest ranking woman in Senate leadership -- EVER. It just goes to show: When women are fired up, they're unstoppable. We know there are countless women like Patty Murray out there who are ready to run. Donate $3 to help recruit, train, and give them the resources they need to run for office -- and win: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170428_email_RtWStory Patty's story is the story of Run to Win, the program we launched this year to recruit and train the next generation of pro-choice Democratic women to run for office. We already have over 12,000 women signed up. Like Patty at the start of her career, many of these women don't have a long resume of political experience, but they're fired up to make a difference. And with the right support, they could be the next trailblazers. Make sure we can offer a program that provides top-tier resources to help these women run. Donate $3 to help reach our $150,000 End-of-Month goal: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170428_email_RtWStory Thank you, Stephanie Schriock President, EMILY's List
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What we didn't hear today.
Friend -- Today, this administration made it clear where it stands on gun violence prevention: against the desires of a majority of Americans, including gun owners. Instead, they cast their lot with the gun lobby -- and a group that 67 percent of gun owners say has been "overtaken by lobbyists and gun manufacturers." In today's speech, they touched on a lot of things: the election from five months ago, the unfunded border wall, the Electoral College, Charlton Heston. But here's what they didn't speak about -- at all: gun violence prevention. We didn't hear about the 88 percent of gun owners who support requiring a permit to carry a concealed gun in public. We didn't hear about the 80 percent of gun owners who support a mandatory background check for all gun purchases. Most of all, we didn't hear the truth: When it comes to protecting our communities from gun violence, there are no more party lines -- there are just millions of Americans who believe in a common-sense approach, and are tired of seeing preventable tragedies. OFA volunteers are working hard to bring this majority together -- organizing to make sure these common-sense policies have the support they need. Sign up today to let us know you want to get plugged into efforts on the ground: www.ofa.us/speak-up-for-gun-violence-prevention/ Thanks, Saumya Saumya Narechania National Issues Campaign Manager Organizing for Action
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Saturday is Drug Take Back Day
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/view_newsletter_setup.aspx link=VA06BG%2501176605%2501115.1%2bApril28%2bENews%250114612.5103297.294 8896.7665219%2501goodlatte%2540unityfeed.com%2501Friend%2501goodlatte%25 40unityfeed.com%2501%2501> Click here to open a plain text version of this email <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/view_newsletter_setup.aspx plain_text=Y&link=VA06BG%2501176605%2501115.1%2bApril28%2bENews%25011461 2.5103297.2948896.7665219%2501goodlatte%2540unityfeed.com%2501Friend%250 1goodlatte%2540unityfeed.com%2501%2501> <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fgoo dlatte.house.gov%2f&redir_log=698444897491189> Saturday is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fap ps.deadiversion.usdoj.gov%2fNTBI%2fntbi-pub.pub%3f_flowExecutionKey%3d_c D8A0436F-A219-B591-A601-554F01AB78D6_kF4E45773-8329-B52D-F7F6-1F37912B20 17&redir_log=740625860493856> The drug epidemic plaguing our communities is serious -- thousands of Americans die from a drug overdose each year. But did you know that more than half of chronic prescription drug abusers received pills from prescriptions written for them or for friends and family? Just think of how many old prescriptions you might have sitting in the medicine cabinet. Luckily, there is something you can do to help. Tomorrow, April 29, law enforcement officers will be available in communities throughout the country to collect your old prescription drugs for safe disposal. From 10AM-2PM, you can gather up your unused or expired prescription drugs and bring them to a designated location near you as part of the National Take Back Initiative. Click here <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fap ps.deadiversion.usdoj.gov%2fNTBI%2fntbi-pub.pub%3f_flowExecutionKey%3d_c D8A0436F-A219-B591-A601-554F01AB78D6_kF4E45773-8329-B52D-F7F6-1F37912B20 17&redir_log=740625860493856> to find one close to you. While you're spring cleaning, don't skip the medicine cabinet! <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/Customers/VA06BG/drugs1.jpg > Earlier this week, I stopped by the Roanoke County Sheriff's Office to help Sheriff Orange and his team empty their drug take back box in preparation for this weekend's events. They've collected more than 100lbs of prescription drugs in just a few months. Small Businesses = Big Impact Two-thirds of all new jobs are created by small businesses. That's a big economic impact. As we observe National Small Business Week through May 6, it's a reminder that America's 29 million small businesses do big things. Not only do they create jobs for many of you and your family members, but small businesses are the ideas of our friends and neighbors brought to life. America's entrepreneurs are leading the innovation and creativity that we need in today's global economy. <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/Customers/VA06BG/Parkers_Bo ws.jpg> One of the highlights of representing Virginia's Sixth District is the opportunity to visit many of the small businesses that have shaped our communities and to meet the employees who keep them running. In the past few weeks, I've visited several small businesses in our region, like The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy at White's Travel Center in Rockbridge County, Blue Ridge Apothecary, a compounding pharmacy in Roanoke, and Front Royal Family Practice, a small medical practice in Warren County. Other stops have included agribusinesses, such as Crosskeys Vineyard in Rockingham County, and manufacturers, like Draftco and Parker Bows in Augusta County. From health care and tech startups to manufacturing and construction, these businesses and their employees play a significant role in nearly every sector of our economy. However, as any small business owner or entrepreneur can attest, the challenges they face on a daily basis are also significant. One such challenge is the uncertainty of having to comply with poorly crafted and costly government mandates and red tape. Because the House of Representatives has heard from the folks we represent about the unique challenges faced by these job creators, several bills are moving through Congress to give small businesses a louder voice in Washington. One is my bill, the Regulatory Accountability Act, which would help make sure bureaucrats are required to communicate better with the small business community and actively search for ways to reduce unnecessary burdens. <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/Customers/VA06BG/29_Million jpg> Congress must work to see that the United States is a nation in which innovation can thrive by advancing legislation that protects free enterprise and encourages job creation, while also simplifying our tax code to spur competition. Additionally, I will continue actively working on efforts to create a health care marketplace that is more affordable and accessible for small businesses and their employees. If federal policies empower small businesses to innovate and expand they are also empowering America's economy, setting off a domino effect of economic growth, prosperity, and job creation. This Week: Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office Opens On Wednesday, I joined Homeland Security Secretary Kelly at the opening of the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (VOICE) at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Through the creation of the VOICE Office, the Trump Administration is committed to providing accurate and timely information to victims of crimes committed by unlawful immigrants as their perpetrators face justice and are removed from the United States. Click here <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fgoo dlatte.house.gov%2fnews%2fdocumentsingle.aspx%3fDocumentID%3d867&redir_l og=938044036028455> to read more about this opening. Deadline Next Week! Click here <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fgoo dlatte.house.gov%2fconstituent-services%2fcongressional-art-competition. htm&redir_log=01247835105581> for more information. <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fgoo dlatte.house.gov%2fconstituent-services%2fcongressional-art-competition. htm&redir_log=01247835105581> <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fgoo dlatte.house.gov%2fconstituent-services%2fcongressional-art-competition. htm&redir_log=01247835105581> <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.facebook.com%2fBobGoodlatte&redir_log=515773899343261> <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.youtube.com%2fuser%2fRepBobGoodlatte&redir_log=257105601647312> <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2ftw itter.com%2frepgoodlatte&redir_log=886825838975231> <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w.instagram.com%2fbobgoodlatte&redir_log=980768550318272> www.goodlatte.house.gov <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww goodlatte.house.gov&redir_log=884852880078214> This message was generated from an unattended mailbox. Should you have further questions, please visit the "Contact Bob <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fgo odlatte.house.gov%2fcontact%2f&redir_log=646407421941253> " section of my website or call (202) 225-5431. unsubscribe <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/EsurveyForm.aspx BG&__sid=100000&__crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219> | Privacy <iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx &crop=14612.5103297.2948896.7665219&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fgoo dlatte.house.gov%2fprivacy%2f&redir_log=720608746957247>
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re: 100 long days
Before Trump's 100th day in office, we would like to show you all of the things he's done to help hardworking Americans:
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Durbin Report: We're Beginning to See Whose Side Secretary DeVos Is Really On
The Durbin Report: A message from Senator Richard J. Durbin <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/Customers/SenDurbin/Website_head er_3.png> Fellow Illinoisan, During the Senate's consideration of Betsy DeVos to be Secretary of Education, I posed a basic question: As Secretary, would she side with corporate and other for-profit interests or would she side with students? I was concerned then that her record indicated she would side with corporate interests intent on profiting off of students�and often exploiting or misleading them to do so. Months into the job, we're beginning to see whose side Secretary DeVos is really on. Last month, the Department of Education announced it would delay the implementation of the Gainful Employment rule, which requires career training programs to provide students with a reasonable return on their educational investment�good-paying jobs that allow them to repay their student loans. This delay threatens to put more students at risk of being harmed and more taxpayer dollars at risk of being wasted. When for-profit colleges, like Corinthian and ITT Tech, collapse under the weight of their own wrongdoing, defrauded students should not be the ones left holding the bag. Unfortunately, under President Trump and Secretary DeVos, that's exactly what is happening. The Administration has dramatically slowed�if not stopped�processing applications from tens of thousands of students seeking to have their federal student loans discharged after being defrauded by for-profit colleges. <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx rop=15289.12719553.9230536.7246002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww youtube.com%2fwatch%3fv%3dFBScNLppxE8%26feature%3dyoutu.be&redir_log=39 1156526958444> These aren't the only examples of the Trump Administration's willingness to put profits before people when it comes to higher education. This week, I joined more than 130 members of Congress urging Secretary DeVos to reverse her decision to rollback consumer protections established by the Obama Administration to protect student loan borrowers. Without these protections, borrowers at risk of default could remain unaware of their payment options and find themselves cheated out of thousands of their hard-earned dollars. The Department of Education has the power to protect students and bring some much-needed accountability to the student loan servicing and for-profit industries. But President Trump and Secretary DeVos have already demonstrated they're ready to look the other way. <outreach.senate.gov/iqextranet/iqClickTrk.aspx rop=15289.12719553.9230536.7246002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww youtube.com%2fwatch%3fv%3dFBScNLppxE8%26feature%3dyoutu.be&redir_log=39 1156526958444> Sincerely, Dick Durbin United States Senator
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$18.8 Billion
Roy Blunt, US Senator for Missouri Dear Unity, When I travel across Missouri, I hear from families, farmers, and small business owners who tell me that one of the biggest barriers to job creation and economic growth is all the red tape that is coming from federal agencies in Washington. That�s no surprise. The Obama administration handed down a record-breaking 600 major new regulations, imposing more than $700 billion in costs on our economy. What Washington bureaucrats don�t seem to understand is that the costs associated with these regulations will ultimately be passed on to consumers, making it more difficult for hardworking families to make ends meet. That�s why I�ve been especially encouraged to see President Trump taking significant steps to roll back many of the most onerous Obama-era regulations that were rushed through in the last days of the administration. To date, Congress has passed and the president has signed 13 Congressional Review Act resolutions to repeal harmful executive branch regulations, saving an estimated $10 billion over a ten-year period in regulatory costs. When combined with other executive orders the president has signed, the total annual savings could be as much as $18.8 billion, according to the American Action Forum. Many Missourians I�ve heard from are particularly relieved that the president has signed executive orders to begin dismantling two of the most burdensome Obama administration regulations: the WOTUS Rule and so-called Clean Power Plan. Together, these rules would have slowed economic growth and driven up the cost on everything from groceries to utility bills, and piled red tape on the farmers and ranchers we�re depending on to drive growth in the agriculture industry.� President Trump and this Congress have an historic opportunity to rein in the excessive regulatory agenda that defined the previous administration. I look forward to continuing to work with President Trump on behalf of American families, farmers, and small businesses to reduce burdensome regulations, while increasing transparency and accountability in Washington. You can join the conversation by sharing your thoughts on Facebook [link 1], Twitter [link 2], and on Instagram [link 3]. Sincere regards, [image = blunt.enews.senate.gov//images/user_images/RDB_Signature.jpg]
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What the President Told Me Behind Closed Doors
Dear Friend, This week, we celebrate a major victory for Utah: After countless hours of hard work and close coordination with the White House, I convinced the President to sign an executive order calling for a comprehensive review of Utah’s Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. The President’s action is a meaningful first step in scaling back the federal overreach that has broken the backs of Utah’s small businesses and left our rural communities reeling.
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The Laudable Pursuit: The First Step Towards Revoking Obama’s Land Grab
April 28, 2017 "to elevate the condition of men--to lift artificial weights from all shoulders, to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all, to afford all an unfettered start and a fair chance, in the race of life." --Abraham Lincoln Chairman's Note: The First Step Towards Revoking Obama's Land Grab What is done by executive power can be undone by executive power. President Obama began to learn that lesson this Wednesday when President Trump signed an executive order directing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to conduct a review of all Antiquities Act designations larger than 100,000 acres over the past 30 years. Specifically, the executive order directs Secretary Zinke to consider "the requirements and original objectives of the Act, including the Act's requirement that reservations of land not exceed 'the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects to be protected'" and whether "designated lands are appropriately classified under the Act as 'historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, [or] other objects of historic or scientific interest.'" This wording strongly suggests that President Obama's lame duck decision to designate 1.35 million acres in San Juan County as a national monument will at least be significantly reduced and possibly entirely rescinded. Some environmental activists may claim that President Trump does not have the power to shrink or revoke President Obama's Antiquities Act designations, but these claims are ignorant of both history and the law. For starters, as University of California Berkeley Law School professor John Yoo and Pacific Legal Foundation Executive Director John Gaziano detailed in a recent legal report, five presidents have significantly reduced four previous monument designations and no one has ever questioned the legality of those reductions. Specifically, President Eisenhower reduced the Great Sand Dunes National Monument by 25 percent, President Truman reduced the Santa Rosa Island National Monument by 49 percent, Presidents Taft, Wilson, and Coolidge collectively reduced the Mount Olympus monument by 49 percent, and President Taft reduced the Navajo National Monument by 89 percent. A current president's power to alter a previous president's flows from the text of the statute which authorizes the president "in his discretion, to declare by public proclamation… national monuments…. the limits of which in all cases shall be confined to the smallest area compatible with proper care and management of the objects to be protected." As Yoo and Gaziano point out, "there is no temporal limit" on the requirement that a monument must be limited to "the smallest area compatible with proper care and management of the objects to be protected" so all presidents must use their ongoing discretion as to whether every monument is the proper size. "What is done by executive power can be undone by executive power." Furthermore, what if a later president determines that an earlier president's designation was so exceedingly beyond the "smallest area compatible with proper care " that the entire designation was illegal? Yoo and Gaziano argue that the entire monument designation could be revoked. Whatever Sec. Zinke does end up recommending to President Trump, and a preliminary report is due in 45 days on Utah's Bears Ears National Monument, further executive action will only be the beginning of solving San Juan County's public lands issues. Congress will then need to pick up the Public Lands Initiative legislation that was working through the House before President Obama derailed the legislative process and pass a common sense solution that includes real input from local residents. Only through the legislation can local residents, including the Navajo, be given real power over their land use decisions. The Next Step for Healthcare Reform Click here to watch video Issue in Focus: Making the Internet Innovative Again Americans love their mobile devices. They want to be able to watch, listen, and play any video whenever they want, wherever they want, and for as long as they want. And they don't want to pay a fortune for the privilege to do so. For most of the history of the Internet, companies have been free to find innovative new ways to meet America's insatiable demand for data. But progressive activists have never been comfortable with the unregulated nature of the Internet. They have always wanted government bureaucrats to have more control over how the Internet is managed. After President Obama installed like-minded progressives on the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC realized those progressive dreams when they introduced the agency's first "net neutrality" regulations, called the Open Internet Order of 2010. Those regulations were immediately challenged in court, and the FCC lost that court battle in 2014. But in 2015 they issued a new "Open Internet Order" which had an immediate impact on the market. That same year, T-Mobile introduced a "Binge On" plan which offered customers unlimited data on some video options including Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. While then-FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler called the "Binge On" plan "innovative," progressive activists thought the plan was a clear violation of the brand new net neutrality regulations and lobbied the FCC to kill the plan. But before the FCC could act, T-Mobile ended Binge On and created a new plan called Uncarrier which allows customers to download all the data they want, but charges an extra $25 to upgrade the quality of video from 480p to HD quality. Progressive activists went crazy again calling this new plan another violation of the FCC's new net neutrality regulations. Fortunately T-Mobile no longer has to worry about progressive activists dictating how they engineer their wireless system. This Wednesday new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that he would be repealing the 2015 Open Internet Order. "Going forward, we cannot stick with regulations from the Great Depression meant to micromanage Ma Bell," Pai said. "Instead, we need rules that focus on growth and infrastructure investment, rules that expand high-speed Internet access everywhere and give Americans more online choice, faster speeds, and more innovation. " While Pai's move is a welcome reprieve from innovation-killing government regulation, a future Democratic president could easily reintroduce President Obama's net neutrality rules. That is why I will introduce the Restoring Internet Freedom Act next week, a bill that would nullify the Federal Communications Commission's 2015 Open Internet Order and prohibit the FCC from issuing a similar rule in the future. Congress should be the one setting telecommunications policy, not federal bureaucrats and I look forward to engaging in this debate in the months ahead. Washington, D.C. Office 361A Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C., 20510 Phone: 202.224.5444 Fax: 202.228.1168 Salt Lake City Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building 125 South State, Suite 4225 Salt Lake City, UT 84138 Phone: 801.524.5933 Fax: 801.524.5730 St. George Office of Senator Michael S. Lee 285 West Tabernacle, Suite 200 St. George, UT 84770 Phone: 435.628.5514 This message was intended for: xxx You were added to the system October 2, 2015. For more information please follow the URL below: newsletter.senate.gov/p/iW_w8QE2eN Follow the URL below to update your preferences or opt-out: newsletter.senate.gov/p/oW_w8QE2eN To unsubscribe from future mailings, send an email to mailto:xxx?Subject=Unsubscribe&body=Please%20remove%20me%20from%20further%20mailings with "Unsubscribe" as the subject line.
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Prepared to confront Zika
Richard Burr, US Senator North Carolina This week, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee unanimously advanced the Strengthening Mosquito Abatement for Safety and Health (SMASH) Act [link 1]. This important bipartisan bill will give local governments the resources they need to control the mosquitos that spread the Zika virus.� [image = burr.enews.senate.gov//images/user_images/mosquito_map_1.png] This Centers for Disease Control [link 2] map shows the potential habitat of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. This mosquito is one of the species which can spread the Zika virus which is known to cause serious birth defects in some infants born to infected mothers that contracted the virus during pregnancy. I am pleased the HELP Committee has advanced this legislation, especially with warmer weather on the way, and the mosquitos that come with it. This bill will help fund programs that are critical for identifying, controlling, and reducing mosquitos that spread infectious diseases. [image = burr.enews.senate.gov//images/user_images/WBTV_SS.png] [link 3] WATCH WBTV Charlotte: Burr Sponsors Bill to Fight Zika [link 4]
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North Star Newsletter: Preparing Minnesota Students for 21st Century Jobs
North Star Newsletter | April 2017 Preparing Minnesota Students for 21st Century Jobs When I travel around Minnesota, one thing I hear over and over again from employers is that they have jobs going unfilled because they can’t find workers with the right skills. This problem is called the “skills gap,” and it’s something I’m working hard to address. That’s why I recently convened more than 350 educators, business leaders, students, and policy leaders from across the state for my Advancing Career Pathways Summit. The Summit, held in St. Paul, was the culmination of my office’s tour of 17 Minnesota communities. During the tour, my staff and I brought together Minnesota high schools with local businesses to showcase career opportunities in areas like advanced manufacturing, health care, information technology, and other growing industries. In addition to highlighting a variety of successful and innovative school-business partnerships at the Summit, I also announced that I’ll soon be introducing my Advancing Career Pathways Innovation Act, which will spur more of these programs and help close our nation’s “skills gap.” I’m grateful to all who joined me at the Summit, and I’ll be urging my colleagues in the Senate to support my bill to prepare students for 21st Century jobs. Supporting Our Ag Economy With one in five Minnesota jobs tied to agriculture, I believe it’s vital to hear directly from Minnesota farmers about what needs to be addressed in the next Farm Bill. That’s why I recently met with ag producers and leaders from six counties—including Minnesota Department of Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson and Deputy Commissioner Matt Wohlman—in Farmington to discuss the impact that low farm prices have had on the state, as well as the effect that agriculture budget cuts proposed by President Trump would have on Minnesota. Then, in Saint Paul, I met with Minnesota farm leaders and dairy officials to discuss how we can open new markets for our producers and how I’ll keep urging the President to support Minnesota’s dairy farmers. I’ll also be challenging the new Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue to strongly reject a plan by President Trump to cut funding for the USDA by more than 20 percent—a move that, if approved, would devastate the American farm economy and put the livelihoods of Minnesota families at risk. Farmers are the backbone of America's economy. I'll keep fighting for Minnesota’s ag community in Washington to make sure they have the support they need. Fighting for Minnesota Workers Minnesota’s iron ore miners and steelworkers helped build this country and bring us into the 21st century—their work is literally imprinted in towns, cities, and communities across our nation. But over the past several years, the Iron Range has been hit hard by a massive influx of illegally dumped foreign steel. Hundreds of workers lost their jobs when local mining operations shuttered, and the economic impact has been felt by families, communities, and businesses across the Range. It’s my job to look out for Minnesota workers and their families, which is why I recently called on the Trump administration to crack down on illegally dumped foreign steel from South Korea. I was very pleased that the administration heeded my call just days after I pressed them to level the playing field for our Iron Range workers. And I’m glad we’re seeing important victories for other Minnesota workers, as well. Just the other day, the federal government finally cracked down on the subsidized Canadian softwood lumber that’s flooding across our border and putting people out of work. I’ve called for this problem to be addressed for a long time now, so I’m pleased that the Department of Commerce is taking action with new penalties on that Canadian lumber. Defending An Open Internet For as long as the internet has existed, it’s been grounded on the principle of net neutrality—that what you read, see, or watch on the internet shouldn’t be favored, blocked, or slowed down based on where that content is coming from. I’ve long defended net neutrality because it allows a small business in Minnesota to compete with the big guys, it drives innovation, and it protects free speech. But the new head of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, just announced that he’s putting the rules that safeguard net neutrality on the chopping block. Let me be very clear: getting rid of net neutrality would destroy the internet as we know it. And that’s why I’m going to fight Chairman Pai’s proposal—and the big cable and internet companies who are the real muscle behind this attack—every step of the way. The only way to preserve net neutrality is to join together, and I’m proud to have written an op-ed in the Washington Post with my colleague in the Senate Ron Wyden of Oregon and former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on why consumers, small business, and Americans deserve an open internet. To unsubscribe from these newsletters, please visit the unsubscribe page here: franken.senate.gov/
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Five For Friday: A Weekly Digest from the Bush Center
[image: George W. Bush Presidential Center] Five for Friday A Weekly Digest from the Bush Center April 28, 2017 Explore More BUY ENGAGE TICKETS <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir READ THE CATALYST <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir UPCOMING EVENTS <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir [image: Amanda Schnetzer, Director of the Bush Institute's Global Initiatives, and Lindsay Lloyd, Deputy Director of the Human Freedom Initiative, joined Kris Boyd on KERA's Think program this week to discuss how the U.S. should handle the growing threat of North Korea. ] Celebrating Four Remarkable Years April 25 marked four years since the George W. Bush Presidential Center was dedicated. With your support, we’ve accomplished a great deal in these short years – from saving lives around the world with Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon®, and partnering with three other presidential centers on a first-of-its kind program to develop a new generation of leaders, to hosting scores of sold-out events with national newsmakers – and we look forward to taking on new work inspired by President and Mrs. Bush in the years to come. Since opening our doors in 2013, the Bush Center has hosted more than 400 events, presented nine special exhibits, held 12 “Team 43” sports events as part of our veteran transition work, trained and equipped 302 leadership fellows, and welcomed more than 1.2 million visitors. As we mark this special occasion, we'd like to thank you, and all of our supporters, and encourage you to plan a visit soon to see what's new at the Bush Center, including the Portraits of Courage <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir special exhibit. Explore our work <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir In Focus THE CATALYST | A CONVERSATION WITH VETERANS LESLIE ZIMMERMAN, BRYCE COLE, AND ROQUE URENA The Catalyst conducted an electronic roundtable with three warriors President George W. Bush painted for Portraits of Courage , his recent book and accompanying special exhibit at the Bush Center in Dallas. We asked how they identified their post-traumatic stress, sought help, and worked with others through a difficult process. They open up about their transitions, including their very personal experiences. Read article [image: arrow] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir Watch | Video Highlights of President and Mrs. Bush’s Trip to Africa A new video highlights President and Mrs. Bush’s recent trip to Africa, which was focused primarily on two initiatives: the work of Bush Institute affiliate Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon® - a global partnership fighting women’s cancers – and the Bush Institute’s First Ladies Initiative, which engages and supports first ladies from around the world to effectively use their unique platforms to improve lives. Watch video [image: arrow] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir Read | Updated State of Our Cities Tracks Education Data Across the Country State of Our Cities , an interactive tool that provides education data on more than 100 cities across the country and makes comparisons at the state, national, and global levels, launched new features this week. Included are new videos that demonstrate how to best use the data, spotlights on middle school learning and principal leadership, and resources for policymakers to better engage in education decision-making in their communities. See your city’s data [image: arrow] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir Join Us on Social Media Sharing and forwarding Bush Center content is one of the simplest and most effective ways for Bush Center supporters to help us advance our work. Connect with us today on Facebook <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir Twitter <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir Instagram <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir or Snapchat. <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir Let’s connect [image: arrow] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir [image: George W. Bush Presidential Center] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir 2943 SMU Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75205 T. 214-200-4300 | E. xxx [image: Twitter] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir [image: Instagram] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir [image: Facebook] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir [image: Flickr] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir [image: YouTube] <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir Email Preferences <forms.bushcenter.org/page.aspx | Privacy Policy <forms.bushcenter.org/page.aspx | Give Today <forms.bushcenter.org/page.redir
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CREDO Mobile Supports the People's Climate March
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CA single-payer bill SB 562 passes committee vote!
Friends, Ever since SB 562, the Healthy California Act, was introduced in the California State Senate, Our Revolution volunteers have been calling and texting voters and legislators, organizing, and rallying across the state and the country in favor of the universal health care bill -- and our efforts are beginning to pay off. Yesterday, the Senate Health Committee voted 5-2 in favor of SB 562. This is yuuuge. Now the bill advances to the Senate Appropriations Committee, so we need to keep pushing until universal health care is enshrined in California law. Can you chip in $5 to help Our Revolution continue our push for universal health care? Your contribution helps us gather support for Medicare for All to connect voters with their elected officials and rally supporters at state capitols like we did yesterday in Sacramento. DONATE »secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/sb-562 Alongside the California Nurses Association and countless grassroots organizations and activists, we are on the brink of establishing health care as a human right for all in California. A major victory like this can turn the tide on the national health care debate. A majority of Americans are in favor of Medicare for All, but the news media spends far more time covering the Republican's lamentable health care plan instead of presenting the public with its increasingly viable alternative. We've had enough of paying more for prescription drugs, premiums, deductibles, and copayments than people in countries with universal health care. We're fed up with getting fleeced by insurance and pharmaceutical industries that lobby the State Senate and our Congress against Medicare for All and rake in billions of dollars in profit. That's why so many people support SB 562, which would eliminate out-of-pocket costs and extend coverage to undocumented immigrants. We are on track to win this fight. Your $5 donation helps us continue our organizing efforts and rally even more support for health care as a human right. DONATE »secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/sb-562 Universal health care is one of the great moral issues of our time. With your help, we can guarantee that to all Californians, and soon all Americans. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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ADD YOUR NAME: Stop Donald's tax cut for the rich
Donald Trump's tax proposal: for rich people, by Wall Street. Add your name to fight back: my.democrats.org/Trump-Tax-Trick
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To beat Republicans at the ballot box >>
Patricia, I want to let you in on something awesome: We've hit all our fundraising goals so far this year. Every. Last. One. We're expanding plans for our programs in response to this community's desire to help elect more women. But I need to make sure we have a great April too before we put these plans into action. Help raise $150,000 before April is over so we can keep growing Run to Win, recruit women to flip House seats, and protect our nine Senate women up for re-election: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170427_email_EOM There is no time to waste. Republicans have already raised $41.5 million in the first quarter of this year! It was their best quarter ever after a presidential race. We know that the resistance is strong, and people are fired up to run for office and beat Republicans at the ballot box. Now we've got to put the resources in place to make it happen. Donate today to help hit our goal and elect more pro-choice Democratic women to every office in the country: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170427_email_EOM Thanks, Leigh K. Warren Chief Operating Officer, EMILY's List
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This Saturday: Attend a People's Climate March event near you
Friend -- When I left the Senate, I said I wouldn't stop raising my voice on the issues that impact millions of Americans. Fighting climate change continues to be one of the most important challenges we face. We must do everything we can to show the climate change deniers in Washington that they are standing at odds with the overwhelming majority of Americans who want us to continue to take action on this issue. This weekend, you can make your voice heard by attending a People's Climate March event near you. Here are the details: WHAT: People's Climate March WHERE: 1600 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA 92101 WHEN: Saturday, April 29ᵗʰ 10:00 am RSVP now: my.ofa.us/page/event/detail/gsf3xv Climate change isn't some fictional or far off problem -- it's happening right now. Communities across the country are already experiencing its effects in the form of extreme weather and month after month of record-breaking temperatures. But instead of acknowledging climate change, or building on the efforts we've already made to prevent its worst effects, this new administration has already taken steps to roll back our progress. They've started to walk back the Clean Power Plan, and they're seriously discussing an exit from the Paris Climate Agreement, the historic pact that nearly every country in the world committed to last year. We cannot sit by and let this administration undo the progress we've fought so hard to make a reality. Don't pass up this chance to raise your voice -- attend a People's Climate March event near you. Thanks, Senator Barbara Boxer
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