First Obama, then ObamaCare

Ed Rollins
2017-01-03 10:38:48
Great America PAC

The bad news just keeps getting worse for failed outgoing President Barack Obama's signature "achievement" – the disaster we call ObamaCare.

And ObamaCare needs to go away – just like the man who forced it on an unwilling America!

Donald Trump made it a central mission of his historic White House run to completely repeal and replace ObamaCare with real reform that will put an end to the Obama Democrats' hyper-partisan government takeover and destruction of American health care – but he's already meeting resistance from Congress before he even takes office!

That's why Great America PAC is immediately moving to show the enormous grassroots demand to make ObamaCare DEAD ON ARRIVAL of a newly sworn in President Trump – and we need you to join us today!

Will"you stand up and make sure that Congress – even those in President Trump's own party who oppose his reform of Washington – know we mean business by demanding that they waste no time in sending "Repeal and Replace" legislation for President Trump to sign by his first day in the White House!

Do that right now, Roger, and we'll send your"demand to every Republican on Capitol Hill!

And after you do, please take"this opportunity to support our ongoing work as the most important outside ally of Donald Trump's historic quest to Make America Great Again with your generous financial support today!


Ed Rollins
National Co-Chair
Great America PAC

P.S. We've got to keep the pressure on Congress to act – we have to let them know we won't tolerate inaction on ObamaCare! Join"us now – Make your demand today! Thanks, Ed

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