A Mandate to Repeal Obamacare

Senator Richard Burr
2017-01-06 12:13:27
Richard Burr, US Senator North Carolina This week, the Senate began the process of repealing the disastrous Obamacare law. As I wrote in the North State Journal [link 1] last year, Obamacare is imploding. We have a mandate from the American people to head in a new direction, put people back to work, get this economy going, and put affordable healthcare within reach. [image = burr.enews.senate.gov//images/user_images/news14_obamacare.png] [link 2] *News 14: Senator Burr discusses repealing Obamacare [link 3]* Our challenge is to ensure that Americans have access to a range of health options at affordable prices, which Obamacare has failed to do. Therefore, the first step in realizing this goal is to repeal Obamacare and move toward a vibrant health care market defined by greater choice and competition, which will lead to more affordable options. The American people will hold us responsible for what we do. It�s a challenge that I�m willing to accept.� Obamacare did not address health care costs, in fact, it has caused premiums to soar, and our job is to fix what was broken before Obamacare as well as what was made worse because of it. Survey/Question [survey] [image = burr.enews.senate.gov/common/images/sn-facebook.png]Share on Facebook [link 4] [image = burr.enews.senate.gov/common/images/sn-twitter.png]Share on Twitter [link 5] [image = burr.enews.senate.gov/common/images/sn-linkedin.png]Share on LinkedIn [link 6]
January 06, 2017

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