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2017-01-09 09:42:35
Great America PAC

'Unprecedented': Nonprofits, partisans organize to block Trump cabinet picks – Fox News


Several major left-wing groups are mobilizing to block President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks and we need to take IMMEDIATE action!

Some of the most radical civil rights, education, and environmental groups in the country are preparing to sabotage a majority of Trump's cabinet selections before they even reach their Senate confirmations.

These groups are planning to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbying, advertising, protests and sit-ins used to recruit thousands of radical supporters nationwide.

But this is about more than just cabinet selections, these left-wing organizations are actively enlisting anyone who will sabotage Donald Trump's Presidency throughout his first term.

That's why I'm asking you to join"me with your pledge of support and show every Senator that we will not allow them to cower to radical leftist groups. It's time to get to work!

Great America PAC is already delivering more than ONE THOUSAND calls a day to the Senate to support Trumps policies – but now we need your help to rally around Donald Trump's cabinet selections.



Signed, Roger Beall

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Ed Rollins
National Co-Chair, Great America PAC

P.S. We did more to help elect Donald Trump than anyone else, and we will do more to pass his agenda than anyone else. Please click"here to sign your personalized "CONFIRM THE CABINET" petition right now! Thanks, Ed

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