No respect

Ed Rollins
2017-01-18 14:10:33
Great America PAC
BREAKING: US Press Corps releases letter to soon-to-be President Trump informing him "THEY WILL SET THE RULES, not him."


In a blatant attempt to undermine his Presidency, the increasingly desperate and unhinged mainstream media have released a seething letter to President-elect Trump, advising him that "We, not you, decide how best to serve our readers, listeners, and viewers."

The letter even goes so far as to threaten our next President: "...while you may seek to control what comes out of the West Wing, we'll have the upper hand in covering how your policies are carried out."

Despite their proven collusion with the Clinton campaign, and completely slanted and persistently inaccurate coverage throughout the past 19 months, the media laughably claims "Facts are what we do, and we have no obligation to repeat false assertions..."

Roger, this letter is an unprecedented act of hypocrisy and I won't stand for it. The media not only refuse to acknowledge their deceitful coverage to the American people, they blame Trump for broadcasting his true point-of-view and accurate thoughts through alternative methods.

So I want your help Roger. You see, I am sending a message to every major news outlet in the country and I need your name next to mine. Will"you stand with me?

To: Members, US Press Corps
Date: January 18th, 2017
re: An open letter to Trump from the US press corps

Dear Members of the Press,

For almost two years, you have had countless chances to accurately inform the American people on the real issues and you have failed. Many of you have given in to corporate and personal political interests instead of reporting what is accurate. Last week's Buzzfeed/CNN story only highlights what has been a disastrous era in journalism.

Your industry consistently fails to grasp that respect is earned, not given. Simultaneously, there is a reason confidence in news media is the lowest in history across every generation (Gallup, September 2016).

You may not respect the millions of Americans who look to you for accurate information, but one thing is certain, you must respect the President of the United States and the institution he represents.


Roger Beall

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