ACTION ALERT: Support the Refugee Executive Order

ACT for America
2017-02-02 12:07:56
<> ACTION ALERT: Urge Your Legislator to Support the Refugee Executive Order

Urge Your Legislator to Support the Refugee Executive Order

Unity --

Are you sick of the fake news about President Trump’s non-existent “Muslim ban?”

Are you as fed up as we are with spineless politicians, who cower and submit to this patently false mainstream media narrative?

Do you feel the urge to remind the U.S. Congress that we elected them assuming they have the courage to actually stand up for the protection of the average American citizen?

We hear you…

The time has come to send a message to our federal representatives that we are not going to tolerate opposition to President Trump’s common sense executive order regarding refugees from several terror ridden countries.

The stakes are too high, and we cannot afford to waste any more time with politically correct pandering. WE HAD ENOUGH OF THAT FROM OUR LAST PRESDIENT!

Please don’t wait. Let your federal officials know how critical it is for them to support President Trump’s executive order.

We have provided you a pre-written email that you can send to your individual representative, and amend to put into your own words if you so choose, by.

Please remember to be respectful, yet firm in your message.

It’s important that you make your voice heard.  Right now the mainstream media are only reporting on the paid pro-refugee protestors.  Polling has shown how “real America” feels about this important national security issue, but our legislators must hear from you!

We need to push back on this deceptive narrative of “Islamophobia,” so that our elected officials know how their constituents truly feel!

Again, to e-mail your federal legislators.

Let’s fight for a safer America for all citizens!

For Freedom,

ACT for America


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