We must fight back!

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2017-02-03 12:08:50
<www.actforamerica.org/> ACTION ALERT: Tell Your Representative to Support the Refugee Executive Order

Tell Your Representative to Support the Refugee Executive Order

Unity --

This Friday, February 3, open border activists and refugee resettlement contractors will be joining with mosques around the country to raise support for an additional influx in refugees.

Also, on February 22nd, these fanatics are planning massive demonstrations against the recent executive order taken by President Trump towards refugees, set to take place directly outside the offices of elected officials.

We must counter this offensive!

It is clear these open border zealots have no interest in going away quietly, and as such, neither can we.

Between now and February 22nd, PLEASE,

We must not allow ourselves to become complacent, while those seeking to flood our country with un-vetted refugees continue to make their voices heard!

Here is a pre-written email for you to send to your individual representative, and amend if you so choose by .

Please remember to be respectful, yet firm in your message.

You may also .

We need to push back on this deceptive narrative of “Islamophobia,” so that our elected officials know how their constituents truly feel!

We also encourage all of our fellow patriots to set up meetings if possible, with their elected officials in person. We must pull out all the stops to counter these relentless open border voices.

Again, send our pre-written email by , or call by .

These agitators know that Congress is the key to their plan, and that if they press hard enough, they will get their way. Not on our watch!

For Freedom,

ACT for America


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