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2017-02-09 13:12:22
Great America PAC

The desperate Democrats' long-term plan to block President Trump's America First agenda has just been leaked online -- and it's worse than we imagined.

Leftist elite financiers have invested millions to fuel the four-year political war Democrats are already waging to sabotage the Trump administration at every opportunity. But that's not all. Look at this screenshot and see just what we're up against:

Democrats are devoted to destroying President Trump and the largest special interest group in the country -- the mainstream media "opposition" -- is helping them.

Throughout the election, the liberal media constantly misreported the facts in an attempt to damage Donald Trump's candidacy, and now, they are saturating every media outlet and social platform with anti-Trump propaganda and encouraging "spontaneous" protests.

Between Democrats and their allies in the media we are facing an impossible, immeasurably expensive battle to set the record straight, and we cannot possibly hope to fight back without your help.

Roger,"will you make a well-considered commitment -- an ongoing investment -- in Great America PAC's fight to expose, counter, and defeat this unprecedented political sabotage that pushes special interest predominance over policies that will actual benefit our people and better our country?


The media have demonstrated a blatant liberal bias that propels the Democrats' agenda, prioritizing the far Left's aims over real reporting.

It is imperative that we counter the media's anti-Trump hostility, which will undoubtedly propel Democrats' number one priority: disrupting and destroying the Trump administration.

Roger, voters across the country elected President Trump and it is time for dissenting parties to respect the will of the people. Please"stand with us now and throughout the year as we fight for our President and our future by beginning your monthly support of Great America PAC today.

Thank you.


Ed Rollins
National Co-Chair, Great America PAC

P.S. Roger, let's get to work! Make"a commitment to our fight today! Thanks, Ed

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