Keeping promises

Eric Beach
2017-03-08 18:07:22
Great America PAC
Roger —

The time for lying and broken promises in Washington is over.

President Donald Trump is making good on one promise after another, but on huge issues, he needs the support of every U.S. Senator.

That's why Great America Alliance is running this hard-hitting new ad — and we want you to be the first to see it — and"support our effort to broadcast it as widely as possible.

Roger, President Trump is under assault from every direction, but we can ensure that every Senator knows we expect their support for the Make America Great Again agenda on Capitol Hill.

That's why we need your immediate support — so please don't hesitate, watch our new ad and then help Great America Alliance keep it on the air in your state by making"a generous contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more today.

Eric Beach
Co-Chair, Great America Alliance

P.S. — Roger, President Trump needs to know whether the Senate will do what's right — let's make sure they do: watch"our new ad and support Great America Alliance today! Thanks, Eric

Paid for by Great America Alliance

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