Unity, Thank You.

Trey Gowdy
2017-03-27 12:39:58
Trey Gowdy for Congress

I wanted to send you a quick note to simply say "thank you".

I would not be back in Washington DC fighting for our shared beliefs and values - if it were not for your help and support.

Unity, as you know, I try to hold everyone in power in Washington accountable for their actions - which hasn't always made people happy (especially the Democrats). And even though we are months away from my next re-election campaign, many are already targeting me for defeat. The attacks have already begun. The attempts to defeat me have already begun.

Even now there is an organized effort to attack and defeat Republicans, and I"need your help to fight back.

I will never allow my opponents to bully me into silence, and your continued support today will ensure I am able to stay fighting and speaking up against any injustice. Any help you are able to lend my campaign today will make a difference. It will also send a strong, clear message that people of good conscience like you are going to help me fight back.

Please"consider making a financial contribution of whatever amount you are able to afford.

Holding politicians accountable and speaking up is not always the most popular thing to do in Washington. But, I was not elected to go to Washington and be quiet.

I'm focused on putting Washington back to work, holding lawmakers accountable, and upholding my promise to put the safety and security of South Carolinians - and all Americans - first.

You can always count on me to stand up and tell the truth - no matter how angry that makes people. So, Unity, if you want me to be able to stay fighting and speaking up for our values then please let me know if I can count on you right now.


Trey Gowdy
South Carolina 4th District

P.S."Thank you for standing by me and supporting my previous campaign. I am where I am because of great friends like you, and for that I am so grateful. I want to stay fighting for our shared beliefs, but I won't be able to if these groups set on defeating me are successful. That's why I need your help today! Any amount you can afford to donate will go a long way.

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