Buy American, Hire American

Sheriff David Clarke
2017-04-18 18:56:55
Great America Alliance

Congress only planned to work 8 days this month but we couldn't wait any longer. Once again, President Trump is demonstrating a sense of urgency that the Washington Establishment does not possess.

Today, in my home state of Wisconsin, President Trump went on the offensive by signing "Buy American, Hire American."

Although Congress may be dragging their feet, the President isn't. His pro-growth initiative will encourage 'buying American' by closing loopholes that have allowed unfair trade practices to go unchecked.

And most importantly, it supports American workers and higher wages by enforcing immigration laws that were largely ignored for the past eight years.

Roger, our Alliance is doing everything possible to help President Trump fulfill his promises, but we cannot do it without your support.

Join"the Alliance to let America know you are still supporting the President, and still believe in putting America First.


The media's biased reporting and the Establishment's unrelenting efforts at political sabotage have not deterred President Trump from enacting the sweeping reforms he promised Americans.

Help"us continue our America First offensive campaign.


Sheriff David Clarke


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