To 100 days

Organizing for Action
2017-04-29 14:25:02
Friend -- This administration took office 100 days ago today -- here's a list of the "accomplishments" they're touting: - Pushed for vote on Obamacare repeal - Announced "Muslim travel ban" - Ordered Southern border wall - Started dismantling EPA and Clean Power Plan - Announced tax plan that favors the ultra-wealthy - Targeted PBS, Meals on Wheels in budget Here's what OFA volunteers have done: - Defeated efforts to deny 24 million Americans their health care - Made thousands of calls to protect DREAMers - Demanded answers at town halls across the country - Trained 650 fellows across 29 states - Hosted nearly 1,000 organizing events Help keep this momentum going over the next 100. Chip in today: Thanks, Organizing for Action
The past 100 days have proven how powerful our movement is - let's get ready for the next 100.

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