Unity, an important message

Marco Rubio
2017-05-01 11:44:46
Greg for Montana
Unity – Will you take 5 minutes to read this important email?

Greg Gianforte is running for Congress to replace Secretary Ryan Zinke's former seat, and he needs our help.

I am sure you've heard on the news that Democrats are pulling out all their tricks to defeat Republicans this year. And one race that the Left believes they can capture is the Special Election happening right now in Montana.

Democrats and the Left see Montana as one of the best opportunities to pick up a seat in the House and they are ready to invest millions to buy it. Unity,"will you join me in supporting Greg Gianforte for Congress?

The Montana Special Election is now less than a month away, and the next big election for our country. On May 25th, voters across Montana will be able to cast their votes for Greg, a commonsense conservative, or his opponent, a Bernie Sanders-endorsed liberal.

The choice is clear to me, and I hope it is clear to you as well.

As a Congressman, Greg Gianforte will:
  • Support a balanced budget;
  • Ensure our military has the strength is deserves to protect our citizens;
  • Support term limits;
  • Stand up for our right to bear arms;
  • Support our President and much more!
Last year, when I decided to run for reelection to the United States Senate, I had little time to build my grassroots campaign. Greg is in the same situation. He launched his campaign for Congress with just months to build a war chest. Unity,"that's why your support to this Special Election is critical for ensuring a conservative victory in May!

Democrats are raising millions to defeat Greg because they know that if they can win in Montana, they can win anywhere this year and next.

No matter where you live, this election will impact you.

Please join me in supporting Greg today with a donation of whatever amount you are able to afford.

Thank you for your commitment to our nation.


Marco Rubio
Senator — FL

P.S."Less than a month remains until Election Day in Montana and every minute matters. I hope you will join me in taking action to protect our nation's future.

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