Jeanette Rubio
2017-05-23 07:17:49
Marco Rubio
Friend, Marco's birthday is Sunday -- can you please sign his birthday card?

Sunday is a great day in the Rubio house -- it's Marco's Birthday!

Marco has been so busy with everything going on that I'm not sure he even realizes his birthday is right around the corner. And I was hoping you could help me with a fun gift for him.

I've"asked his staff to help me create a virtual birthday card for Marco and I'm emailing you right now because I hope you will join me in sending Marco your birthday wishes.

Friend, one of Marco's favorite aspects of his day is hearing from his friends. And I'm positive that hearing from you on his birthday would be even better.

So, please, I hope you will add your name to his birthday card and then include a message for Marco as well.

You have been such a loyal supporter of Marco's and on behalf of our entire family: Thank You. If it weren't for your continued support, I know Marco wouldn't be where he is today.

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend.


Jeanette Rubio

P.S."Adding your name and a message on Marco's birthday card will only take a minute and would really mean a lot to him. Please take a minute right now to add your name. Thanks!

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