ACTION ALERT: Stop the Campaign of Intimidation

ACT for America
2017-05-25 14:24:10
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Stop the Campaign of Intimidation

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soros.pngGeorge Soros is hellbent on destroying America, and without your help, he might.

The menacing billionaire’s latest target? Sean Hannity.

The Soros goon squad Media Matters has predictably targeted Sean, after successfully ousting Bill O’Reilly not long ago.

Their strategy? Call every sponsor of the Hannity program and threaten to boycott them, unless they withdraw all funding for Sean’s show.

Well, two can play that game.

Here is a full list of Hannity program sponsors:


Please call these sponsors and express how adamant you are about continued funding for The Sean Hannity Program!

Regardless of whether you watch The Sean Hannity Program or not, what Media Matters is doing threatens everything we stand for as Americans.

Yes, these are private companies, and yes, they can do as they wish, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that these Soros radicals are seeking to intimidate anyone who doesn’t go along with their politically correct worldview into submission.

If we don’t take a stand against this fascistic goon squad now, they could achieve a permanent and absolute monopoly in the media. They’re not far off!

One by one, those who don’t tow the PC line will be smeared and ostracized into silence.

Let’s crush this campaign of intimidation before it crushes us.

Again, please, call these sponsors and let them know, if they drop The Sean Hannity Program, we will drop them.

For Freedom,

ACT for America



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