The White House, Office of VP Biden, and 17 others have Tweets for you

2012-11-20 05:37:32
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Here's what's happening on Twitter
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Gallup Survey Shows Americans Favor Republican Approach to Averting Fiscal Cliff
A new Gallup survey out today shows a strong majority of Americans favor simplifying the tax code by lowering rates and closing loopholes (70%), saving our biggest entitlement programs (88%), and making needed spending…

GovTop Report
Governors are sent by Him to punish the criminals and praise the virtuous (1 Peter

Democrats' Filibuster Fix: Make Them Talk
WASHINGTON -- The next time a minority of senators find something the majority supports to be objectionable, they may be required to take the Senate floor and explain just why they object. And when…

The Liberal Gloat
Yes, the Democrats had a winning coalition, but the future is not so rosy for its members.
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'It Takes Generations': Sen. Boxer On The Gender Gap
Barbara Boxer was elected to the Senate in the "Year of the Woman," 1992, after serving 10 years in the House. As Congress enters a landmark term with more women than ever, she says there's still a…
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Sen. Barbara Boxer


The White House @whitehouse 17 Nov
RT @McKaylaMaroney Did I just do the Not Impressed face with the President..? // Yes.
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Office of VP Biden @VP 18 Nov
VP and @SenatorMenendez land in Island Beach State Park in New Jersey to tour areas damaged by Hurricane #Sandy.
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David Gregory @davidgregory 18 Nov
Good morning - my preview of today's busy @meetthepress #MTP
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Prager University @prageru 18 Nov
Raising tax rates for anyone, even the 1%,would not guarantee increased revenue: @Tim_Groseclose @DennisPrager
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Rick Warren @RickWarren 18 Nov
Life minus love= zero
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