Activist judges

2017-06-13 13:59:04
Great America Alliance
Roger —

The conspiracy to destroy President Trump and the America First agenda is spreading.

First, the opposition hijacked the media, and now, their extremism has infiltrated our court system.

Yesterday, three activist judges from the famously biased Ninth Circuit Court ruled to block the President's immigration order- putting their personal politics ahead of national security.

These extremist judges are abusing their power to undermine the President, and it's time to replace all of them. Roger,"do you stand with President Trump and the Constitution or do you stand with radical judges who are abusing their power to shape policy?

The President is committed to putting America First, and that starts with ensuring America is safe. Activist judges are manipulating the courts to overstep their constitutional authority and play politics with our safety.

Do"you stand with President Trump or the court's extremists who are manipulating the legal system to block our America First reforms and inflict their radical politics on our country?

Roger, the Ninth Circuit Court is on a dangerous path to expanding their legal powers and unconstitutionally limiting the President's. That's why we need to stand with President Trump and replace the self-serving radical judges who are using the courts to limit the President's executive powers.

This is bigger than personal politics, Roger. This is about the safety of our country, and if we do not step up to defend the President's agenda, who will protect us from activist judges?


Tomi Lahren
Great America Alliance

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