ā¯—ļø¸Critical Video Message from Marco Rubio Enclosedā¯—ļø¸

2017-06-29 11:40:55
Marco Rubio
Friend, I hope you will open this email and hear what I had to say.

There are numerous critical issues facing our nation right now and I know it can be overwhelming and increasingly negative at times.

I"just took a couple of minutes to record an important message for you about everything happening and I hope you will take a moment right now to watch it.

You can watch it by clicking the graphic or button below.

Our nation is at a crossroads and it's critical I know if I can count on your support. I hope you know, Friend, that you can ALWAYS count on me.

Thank you for your support.


Marco Rubio

Paid for by Marco Rubio for Senate

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