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Organizing for Action
2017-07-06 14:38:48
Friend -- OFA volunteers spent June doing everything they can to push back against the Senate's repeal bill: Volunteers across the country are speaking out--like those in WV, who filled a bus to the Capitol to meet with Senator Capito and share their health care stories: my.ofa.us/Meeting-With-Capito Fellows managers trained hundreds of new OFA fellows in more than 20 states: my.ofa.us/Welcome-2017-Fellows OFA kicked off Turning Action Into Organizing, an online training series with Swing Left. Join us Wednesday, July 19, for "Organizing with the OFA Model": my.ofa.us/Turning-Action-Into-Organizing OFA supporters reminded the country that it's not about the numbers--lives are at stake with Obamacare repeal: my.ofa.us/Read-Suzis-Story Thanks for being a part of this--what keeps you going? my.ofa.us/What-Gives-You-Hope Thanks, Organizing for Action
OFA organizers, trainers, and fellows worked tirelessly in June to stop Obamacare's repeal - here's how.

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