Rand Paul is right

Eric Beach
2017-07-12 14:14:58
Great America Alliance

"Shame on many [of our allies] for promising repeal and instead affirming, keeping, and, in some cases, expanding Obamacare."
–Senator Rand Paul


Rand Paul is absolutely right. Our elected officials consistently campaigned on the promise of repealing Obamacare, and yet, the Senate's latest "repeal" effort is even worse than Obamacare!

That's"why we must hold Senator's accountable and demand a full repeal.

Repeal Obamacare

You see, the Senate's solution is, "worse than Obamacare-lite because it actually creates a giant superfund to bail out the insurance companies - something even [Obama's Senate allies] feared to do."

Roger, the only acceptable solution is a full repeal. If"you agree, stand with Rand and Great America Alliance by adding your name to demand the Senate repeal Obamacare now.

Half measures, Obamacare-lite, and anything less than a full repeal is wholly unacceptable.

Tell"the Senate to put America First, NOT big insurance.

Eric Beach
Great America Alliance

Begin Forwarded Message:

From: Rand Paul
Date: June 30, 2017
Subject: Repeal Obamacare NOW

The Obamacare mandate was never the right choice for Americans, and it is collapsing under the weight of its own failures.

Americans deserve better.

And that's why Americans voted for the reform agenda that vowed to fix our broken healthcare system.

Fortunately, a committed group of policymakers have not forgotten their promise to the American people, and have crafted legislation to fully"repeal the failed healthcare system that has limited our choice, raised our premiums, and inflated drug prices.

But Roger, oppositional forces in Washington, the media, and special interest groups are continuing their smear campaign to bring healthcare reform to a standstill.

That's"why I am asking you to add your name in support of repealing Obamacare NOW and replacing it later.

Legislators across the country campaigned on the promise of repealing Obamacare, and Great America Alliance is calling on these elected officials to band together to implement the healthcare reform Americans were promised.

Roger, healthcare is an incredibly complex issue, and outside forces are waging unparalleled efforts to obstruct our progress by demanding a simultaneous repeal and replacement.

That's"why we must drown out the opposition by voicing our support for a unified repeal strategy NOW.

Many of my colleagues were berated by the Establishment's protestors-for-hire - and it's left them feeling uneasy about repealing Obamacare. But those Soros-funded social justice warriors don't represent America - and"your elected officials aren't going to act on the will of the American people unless they hear from YOU.

Roger, together we can REPEAL Obamacare.

So"join us now by signing the "Repeal Obamacare" petition TODAY.

Let's show the Washington Establishment, the media, and special interest groups our numbers and determination cannot be tempered.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

PS – None of this progress is possible without the support of the American people. I"hope that I can count on you to join me in backing up Great America Alliance and our allies as we fight to bring real change to Washington.

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