Activist judges are winning

Tomi Lahren
2017-07-18 05:09:53
Great America Alliance
Roger —

Our basic safety and security are under threat once again, thanks to one of Obama's activist judges who is abusing the power of the court to turn his anti-Trump agenda into federal law.

Last week, President Obama's former law school classmate and likely good buddy, U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson, ruled to restrict the scope of President Trump's travel ban, despite the Supreme Court's ruling to reinstate the administration's security measure.

This is a clear example of judicial overreach and partisanship. And it puts American lives at risk over petty HateTrump politics - disgraceful! If"you agree, join the Alliance in demanding Judge Derrick Watson's resignation.

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Roger, this is just another example of an extremist judge's abuse of power aimed at undermining the President, and it's time to replace all of them - starting now! It's becoming commonplace for judges like Obama's own Derrick Watson to rule based on personal politics, and this type of judicial activism is setting a very dangerous precedent.

Roger, we cannot allow biased judges like Derrick Watson to continue expanding their legal powers, while unconstitutionally limiting the President's.

If"you support judicial restraint, an America First security agenda, and the resignation of activist judges, add your name to demand Judge Derrick Watson's resignation.

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The President has spoken. The Supreme Court has ruled. No district court judge should be able to leverage their abuse of power to overrule the President and the highest court in the country to shape policy.

This is bigger than personal politics, Roger. This is about the safety of our country, and if we do not step up to defend the America First agenda, who will protect us from activist judges?

If"you support the resignation of activist judges who are compromising our security, help the Alliance put a stop to it before it's too late.


Tomi Lahren
Great America Alliance

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