FW: Stop the witch hunt

Tomi Lahren
2017-07-21 13:09:37
Great America Alliance

The opposition's witch hunt against President Trump has reached a fever pitch, and if we do not fight back now this could be it.


Special prosecutor Mueller has been given a blank check to attack the President's private business dealings and his family's personal affairs.

Roger,"this is nothing short of an outright witch hunt, and we have to put a stop to it.

Mueller has been given unlimited time, money, and resources to launch an endless fishing expedition aimed at destroying President Trump and his family.

Despite months of probing and fake news devoted to Trump-Russia conspiracy theories, the opposition has yet to substantiate a single accusation.

This abusive investigation has no end date and is being used as a dragnet to perpetually investigate President Trump until they uncover facts that can be twisted and distorted to claim an impeachable offense.


Roger, the opposition will not rest until they have impeached our President, destroyed his family, and demolished our America First movement.

Join"the Alliance and the thousands of Americans who are demanding special prosecutor Mueller put a stop to this witch hunt TODAY.


Tomi Lahren
Great America Alliance

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From: Tomi Lahren
Date: June 27, 2017
Subject: Stop the witch hunt

Roger —

The system is rigged and it has nothing to do with Russia.

First, disgraced FBI Director Comey leaked information to start an investigation.

Then his former boss and close friend, Robert Mueller, is chosen to direct an "independent" investigation.

Then Mueller selects four Clinton major donors to help investigate.

And do you know who the star witness is? The leaker himself, James Comey.

This isn't an investigation it's a witch hunt. Only in Washington, D.C. could a rigged game like this be called "independent."

"Roger, if you agree, stand with me and the Alliance and demand Mueller fire the Clinton 4 and STOP THE WITCH HUNT.


Fake news outlets are blatantly ignoring the facts. There is absolutely no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, but the Trump-hating media is still so outraged over our historic victory that they"refuse to acknowledge the truth.

The truth is, President Trump was fairly elected by tens of millions of American voters, and no amount of fake news can change that.

Now, our President is fighting to make his America First promises a reality, but the continued witch hunts and fake news are intentionally sabotaging our momentum.

Join"our Alliance to put an end to this establishment witch hunt so the President can continue implementing the America First agenda that will make this country great again.


Tomi Lahren
Great America Alliance


P.S. I joined Great America Alliance because it is dedicated to putting America First and establishment games last. Join"our Alliance today if you are sick of the fake news, elitist whiners, and outright hypocrisy plaguing our country.

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