Are You Falling for This Mainstream Media Tactic, Unity?

ACT for America
2017-07-22 12:23:14
<> Are You Falling for This Mainstream Media Tactic?

Are You Falling for This Mainstream Media Tactic?

Dear Unity --

Sick of the non-stop fake news on Russia?

Want to cut through all the non-sense and get down to important business like securing our borders, defeating ISIS, and safeguarding our communities?

You need to become a Premium Member.

For only a dollar per week, you can hear what's happening in the trenches and how you can take real action to safeguard your country, community, and family.

Subscribing is easy by .

Premium members will get access to:
  • Highly exclusive conference calls with the same national influencers you see on television
  • Prioritized email updates and time sensitive action alerts
  • ACT for America’s jam-packed and highly informative Action Center

You’ll also receive an ACT for America lapel pin that screams patriotism.

Don’t fall into the mainstream media’s trap of boring you to sleep with fake Russia coverage.

They want to distract you from taking action while they continue to push their delusional PC agenda.

Don’t let it happen.

Take action now.

For Freedom,

ACT for America


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