Democrats Eye Virginia

Newt Gingrich
2017-06-29 08:13:09
Ed Gillespie for Governor

I told Ed I would reach out to the most dedicated conservatives across the country, which is why I'm emailing you right now.

Democrats are REELING from their losses across the country.

They are embarrassed and scratching their heads. They just spent more than $40 million in Georgia and STILL lost.

Friend, unfortunately their losses haven't slowed them down.... Frankly, just the opposite.

Democrats are more fired up than EVER to win an election, and they are now focusing all of their attention on winning VIRGINIA.

Friend, the Governor's election in Virginia is in five months – which means the Democrats have that much time to reload their campaign war chests and do everything they can to defeat our conservative candidate for Governor, Ed Gillespie.

Friend, no matter where you live across our great nation, this election matters to you. If the Democrats are able to buy this election, then they will use that to fuel every election in 2018.

Yes, we've had some great victories already this year, but we cannot afford to let our guard down.

If"Ed can count on you for a donation of any amount, please let him know by clicking on the secure button below.

If you can't afford to give a large amount today but could commit to making a smaller monthly donation, please consider that as well. Every donation makes a difference, Friend, and helps Ed's campaign fight back against the vicious attacks being thrown their way.

Thank you for your continued support.


Newt Gingrich

Paid for by Ed Gillespie for Governor

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