The Rigell Report: Remembering Pearl Harbor, Considering the Cliff, Hanukkah Greetings

Congressman Scott Rigell
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U.S. Representative Scott Rigell

The Rigell Report: What does Pearl Harbor have to do with the Fiscal Cliff?


Dear Friend,

On Friday, our nation recognized the 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. That day was a defining moment in our American journey, and so many members of the greatest generation who served our country during this historic time have vivid memories of that infamous day - including my dad Ike Rigell. As a nation, we honor and pay tribute to more than 3,500 brave Americans who were killed or wounded on December 7, 1941. Our nation and our Armed Forces came together during this tragic time to defend our way of life at home and abroad. We will never forget these American patriots who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

That sacrifice, and the sacrifices made by all of the men and women in uniform and their families across our nation's history, must not be in vain.  But our nation's fiscal condition threatens the very foundation of our Republic and the freedoms for which so many have fought and died.  That is why it is so important to put our nation on a better fiscal path, beginning with coming together - not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans - to find common ground and avoid this fiscal cliff.  

Like many of you, this important discussion has my full attention, and I look forward to sharing with you a special Rigell Report in the coming days outlining my conclusions after studying our nation's financial data.  In the meantime, this video is a sobering reminder of what is at stake as we work to put our country on a better path. 

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Finally, Teri joins me in wishing our friends and neighbors in the Jewish community a very Happy Hanukkah!  

Mindful that I work for you, I remain

Yours in Freedom,

Scott Rigell

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