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2017-07-27 11:32:17
<> Activists Making a Difference in Their Community

Activists Making a Difference in Their Community

Dear Unity --

We are thankful to have an army of amazing volunteer leaders across America, taking real action to protect their country, communities, and families.

Most of these grassroots volunteers work full time jobs, in addition to their patriotic activism.  Some are also using their retired years to give back full time, and selflessly create a safer America for future generations.

All of them use their own personal resources, without asking for a single dime from the national office.

Unfortunately, some of these heroes often find themselves between a financial rock and a hard place when it comes to attending our national conference. 

They often must choose between using their resources to join us in Washington DC, or continuing their work as patriotic volunteer leaders in the field. 

Please read this small sample of their stories and

Your generosity would truly touch the lives of these selfless patriots, by giving them a chance to stand “United Against Terror” with their fellow grassroots heroes at our National Conference in Washington, DC this October.

Roger G -  Brevard County, FL

Roger is one of our model leaders. He has been the volunteer leader of  ACT Space Coast since 2010. Here is a sample of his achievements:

  • Passage of Florida’s ALAC Bill, a 4-year battle that ended on May 12, 2014. 
  • Exposed the biased and erroneous content on Islam in high school curriculum resulting in the creation of an educational supplement for teachers correcting objectionable, inaccurate materials. 
  • Personally delivered documentation to all 400 Congressional offices of the 113th and 114th Congress, exposing efforts to establish the Muslim Brotherhood political party. 
  • Gives presentations on national security threats throughout the state, on talk radio and television to educate and motivate the public

Donald C. – Rutland County, Vermont

Don is a veteran and a relatively new volunteer leader, Don got right into the heart of the local community political landscape with a focus on Refugee Resettlement. 

  • Exposed a “secret” alliance between the sitting Mayor and various refugee resettlement industries. 
  • Instrumental in organizing and developing Rutland First's strategic plan to defeat the 10-year incumbent Mayor.
  • Victory represented the greatest percentage defeat of a candidate in the history of the city.

Robert N. – Craighead County, Arkansas

Robert is one of our veteran volunteer leaders.  After a year of leading a local group, Robert took the role of state leader and legislative liaison.

  • As a citizen lobbyist, worked for 6 years to pass an ALAC bill.  The bill became law this year
  • Holds 12-18 meetings a year.
  • Offers two workshops a year on writing letters to the editor. 
  • Robert is not just a workshop sponsor, he is the author of many letters to the editor.
  • Mentor to other activists and volunteer leaders

Thank you and please click , our National Conference!

For Freedom,

ACT for America


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