[NEW POLL] Americans Trust Big Gov't to Meddle in Their Savings?

Winning America
2017-08-07 05:05:00
Winning America
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"Big Government Is A Blessing"
DO YOU AGREE? New Poll Seeks Answers!

Do you AGREE that legislation passed by big government is helping your savings?

Do you TRUST big government to control how you manage your savings?

Dear Reader,

They've already screwed up so many parts of our lives. They've pushed national debt to $20 trillion. They are BANKRUPTING Social Security. And they keep taxing us more, more, more.

Clearly, big government believes that they have a mandate to meddle in our finances as they will. But do YOU believe that?

Please share your opinion here.

Do You Trust Big Government To Manage Your Savings

This is a brief, one-question poll. It won't take you more than 30 seconds.

Your opinion on this topic truly matters.

Make your voice heard right here.

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