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Gov. Eric Greitens
2017-08-07 12:04:28
Eric Greitens for Governor

Roger --

People from around the country are paying attention to my home state of Missouri. Just this past week, we went on Fox News to talk about how we're bringing more jobs, higher pay, safer streets, and better schools back to our state.

It was an honor to represent Missouri to the nation. I've been blessed with great opportunities in my life -- like serving our country as a Navy SEAL -- and I'm bringing that same level of determination to Missouri. And now I'm looking to add a few select supporters like you to my team. Join"now by giving just $15.

Eric Greitens Power Player video

Roger, until last year, I'd never run for public office before. I'm not a politician -- I'm a husband, father, and veteran who loves my state and our country and is proud to have the chance to serve again.

We've done good work and we're going to keep getting things done. Not everyone will be with us. Democrats and their well-funded allies are on the attack, trying to undo the great work we've already accomplished. Our conservative movement cannot allow these attacks to continue unanswered. That's why I need you to join our new Supporter List - to help fight back for what we believe in. Add"your name today to our list of SUPPORTERS by pitching in just $15?

I would be honored to have you, Roger, as a committed supporter on our official list of Supporters. I"need to know today you have my back here >>

Thank you.

Yours in service,

Eric Greitens
Governor of Missouri - Republican

P.S. - I will be reviewing this list of generous supporters tonight and I would be honored to see you on it. Join"here >>

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