LEAKED: The opposition's playbook

Tomi Lahren
2017-08-09 13:26:13
Great America Alliance

The opposition just confirmed our worst fears.

A new memo called the "Media Matters playbook" confirms that anti-Trump forces have united to eviscerate President Trump's America First agenda and anyone who supports it - and they are spending tens of millions of dollars to do it.

Wealthy elites like George Soros and David Brock are funding these extremists, whose sole objective is to: "

That's why we need every America First supporter to help the Alliance fight back. Are you with me, Roger?

This isn't just about President Trump. This is about the future of our America First agenda, and it has never been more under threat.

Roger, the opposition's multi-million dollar attacks have been no match for our America First grassroots movement but the opposition has become more organized, rabid, and moneyed.

That's why it is imperative that we"band together to defeat them once again. Roger, it is going to take every last supporter to combat the next wave of attacks.

Will"you chip in to help our Alliance fight back?

These extremists are devoted to demolishing our America First victories, destroying the White House, and personally punishing anyone who stands with the President.

" Help us put a stop to the relentless attacks that are obstructing our progress and defying the will of the American majority.


Tomi Lahren
Great America Alliance

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