Judge deals major blow to Hillary in Benghazi scandal

Winning America
2017-08-10 11:47:01
Winning America
August 10, 2017

Huge Development in Hillary-Benghazi Scandal

Will a federal judge's blockbuster ruling finally lead to justice for 4 Americans slain on Hillary's watch? Read"more.

Arpaio Asks, "Where is Trump?"
Article 2
Before "Build the Wall" there was Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- who was an early endorsement for candidate Donald Trump. In the wake of Arpaio's bogus guilty verdict, he's now asking where is President Trump to put an end to this nonsense? Read"more.
Bakers Refuse to Make a Custom Cake... Will Liberals be Outraged?

Liberals gleefully expressed their outrage when one baker refused to make a cake for a gay wedding, but will they stick to their standards or be exposed as hypocrites when they hear about this custom cake refusal? Read"more.

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Approximately $2.6 trillion may begin flooding America's economy – almost overnight.
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Hillary Heresy
Is Hillary Clinton really considering a new -- and unbelievably ironic -- line of work??? Read"more.

One U.S. Senator Sees a Big Problem in Congress
Establishment politicians like to pretend that President Trump never won last November... Read"more.

Forecast: Hot Air
The public has spoken and the box office numbers are in for Al Gore's new "global warming" movie. Find"out if Al Gore's new movie is running hot or cold.

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Trump Just Launched this Massive Opportunity for Silver


Trump Just Launched this Massive Opportunity for Silver
Trump's new plan for the border wall could absolutely explode silver – so how come NO ONE is talking about it?

Here's the "Under-the-Radar" Move Some Are Making

Millions to be Hit Hard by this Scheme to Confiscate Savings


Unsuspecting Americans to be Hit Hard by this U.S. Scheme to Confiscate Your Savings
Alan Greenspan, 20-yr Chairman of the U.S. Fed, reveals Washington's nasty trick to confiscate the savings of unsuspecting Americans.

Here's What Greenspan Says Can Protect Your Savings

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Big Brother IS Watching
WikiLeaks dumps more outrageous evidence of the CIA's seemingly endless abuse of privacy through technology... Read"more.

With Friends Like These
Why is this Republican Senator "aiding and abetting" the enemy??? Read"more.

Seriously, Illinois?
The birthday of the most infamous former Chicago "community organizer" in America is now an official holiday. Read"more.

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