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2012-12-18 06:51:55
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Here's what's happening on Twitter

#SpendingIsTheProblem: Chasing Higher Spending With Higher Taxes Won’t Solve Our Debt
In the debate over avoiding the “fiscal cliff,” an important point has been forgotten: when it comes to solving our debt, government spending is the problem that must be addressed.

Democrats losing their ‘balance’ on entitlement reform
DEMOCRATS LIKE TO say that they are for “balance” in the fiscal debate and that Republicans favor spending cuts. That argument is increasingly difficult to credit. Since the election last month, a few modest proposals…

House Republicans Hold News Conference on 'Fiscal Cliff'
Members of the House Republican Conference spoke to reporters on the debt and deficit and the latest so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations. House Republicans said the added revenues in President Obama’s proposal don’t…

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Governors are sent by Him to punish the criminals and praise the virtuous (1 Peter

Dozens Killed in Conn. School Shooting
A man armed with two semiautomatic pistols killed 20 children at an elementary school in Sandy Hook, Conn., Friday in a rampage that left 27 people dead in this quiet suburban town before he took his…


The White House @whitehouse 16 Dec
In this week's address, President Obama speaks on the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT. Watch: at.wh.gov/g8Mys
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Kevin McCarthy @GOPWhip 16 Dec
The Boston Tea Party - 239 years of standing up for freedom and liberty pic.twitter.com/nPbwfRHT
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Snowbird @Snowbird 16 Dec
It doesn't get much better than this. pic.twitter.com/HPmTALVn
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Alta Ski Area @myAltaUT 16 Dec
Another 6" of fresh fell last night. Grab a car with 4x4 or chains and come get some snow on your face.
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Perez Hilton @PerezHilton 14 Dec
With every fiber of my being I am sending love, healing, light and positivity to all the families affected by this horrible tragedy. #Peace
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