[SPAM] Harry Reid’s back

Dean Heller
2017-09-13 21:42:15

Kenneth -

Thought we were free of Harry Reid? Think again. 

Harry Reid officially picked his chosen one to run against me in Nevada, and liberal special interests are salivating over the choice. 

In fact, they’ve already spent $9.4 million against me.

I need your help. Will you chip-in $25 to our Fight Back Fund and stop Harry Reid and his chosen one?

It was easy for Harry Reid to pick my opponent. After her support for the ballot initiative in my state that would make it a crime to loan a firearm to a friend, her first vote in Congress was to make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House. 

Soon after, she voted several times to protect criminals over victims by supporting funding for sanctuary cities across America. 

The list goes on and on. 

Will you help us fight back?

I’ll Pitch-in $25 to stop Harry!

I’ll Pitch-in $50 to stop Harry!

I’ll Pitch-in $75 to stop Harry!

Our state is critical to keeping the Senate Republican Majority in 2018 and we can stop Harry Reid and his chosen candidate, but we need your help bolstering our Fight Back Fund now.

Pitch-in $25 to our Fight Back Fund, and stop Harry Reid. Don’t let Harry Reid strong-arm another election in his favor. 

So much more is at stake than for just my home state of Nevada.

Thanks for pitching in.


Dean Heller
The Republican Senator of Nevada

P.S. Show Harry Reid it’s time to retire for good by pitching in $25 to my Fight Back Fund today.


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