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Eric Beach
2017-09-13 15:34:53
Great America Alliance
Roger —

Over the next two weeks, we have a real opportunity to strike a blow to the D.C. Establishment's refusal to act on President Trump's America First agenda.

You see, Alabama's special election is in two weeks and Judge Roy Moore is challenging the swamp's yes-man, interim Senator Luther Strange.
Watch our new ad to see for yourself:

Senate leadership played a direct role in appointing Luther Strange to fill the vacant Senate seat because they knew they could count on him to do their bidding and undermine the President.

Roger, we only have two weeks to make a difference.

Will you chip in right now to help the Alliance show Alabama who is fighting for them, and who is fighting for the anti-Trump Establishment?

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Judge Moore has spent years defending the Constitution against Big Government. Like President Trump, he believes in putting America First by cutting taxes, securing our borders, and draining the swamp.

Roger, the last thing we need in the Senate is another Establishment lackey.

If"you agree, please make an urgent contribution to Great America Alliance and help us drain the swamp right now!


Eric Beach
Great America Alliance

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