The Rigell Report: Priorities For the 113th Congress

Congressman Scott Rigell
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U.S. Congressman Scott Rigell | In The News
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U.S. Representative Scott Rigell

The Rigell Report: Priorities for the 113th Congress


Last week Congressman Rigell spoke from the House floor expressing frustration over Washington’s habit of ‘kicking the can down the road.’  Watch that speech by clicking the photo below:


Dear Friend,

Last week I had the privilege of being sworn in to the 113th Congress to represent Virginia’s Second Congressional District.  Our district grew by about 80,000 friends and neighbors in the last redistricting process, and we are honored to welcome new residents from Newport News and Hampton into the VA-02 family! 

I am keenly aware that your expectations of me are high.  You expect me to listen to you.  You expect me to lead in changing Washington.  You expect me to be guided by sound principles and good judgment.  You expect me to have the courage to speak the truth and to put country ahead of party. 

To the very best of my ability, and with God’s grace, I will.  In that spirit, I want to share with you my priorities for the coming Congressional session: 

Priorities for the 113th Congress

Fixing Our Fiscal Situation – As an entrepreneur, I have spent 30+ years reviewing budgets and financial statements.  That business experience will be put to good use in my new committee assignment in the 113th Congress, the House Committee on the Budget, chaired by Congressman Paul Ryan.  I am deeply committed to elevating the facts about our nation’s fiscal situation.  It is clear that unprecedented increases in federal spending threaten the financial foundation of our Republic, and my votes will continue to reflect a deep resolve to reduce federal spending.  We also need to grow our economy and reform our outdated, overly complicated tax code.

Defending Those Who Defend Us – Our district is home to more men and women in uniform, active duty and retired, than any other district in the country. In the 113th Congress I will continue my service on the House Armed Services Committee, which is an ideal way to properly serve and represent our military community.  As the son of an Iwo Jima Marine, my work will continue to reflect the duty we have to our military, our veterans, and their families – including the families of the fallen. 

Restoring Confidence in Congress – Americans are frustrated with Washington, and rightly so.  I will build on the practical steps my office has taken to bring Members of Congress together to find common ground.  Bringing Democrats over for a home-cooked meal, joined by my Republican friends, has been a productive and enjoyable way of building bridges of communication. Bipartisanship is often lacking in Washington, yet it is essential for us to find the common ground needed to address our greatest challenges.  And I will continue to lead by example in fixing Congress, including returning 15% of my salary to the Treasury, declining all federal benefits, sticking to self-imposed term limits, and  never becoming a lobbyist, or meeting with a lobbyist who is a former member of Congress.

Serving You – Finally, my staff and I will continue to provide exceptional constituent service to the Second District of Virginia.  If we can help you in any way, or if you simply have a suggestion or a question, please let us know – we would be delighted to be of service. Mindful that I work for you, I remain

Yours in Freedom,

Scott Rigell

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