Trust But (E-)Verify

Congressman Bob Goodlatte
2017-10-11 11:02:21
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Trust But (E-)Verify

We can do a lot with today’s technology. With just a few clicks on your smart phone or computer, you can complete a number of transactions almost instantaneously. It makes sense that this technology should translate to different aspects of our daily lives, including the hiring process for employers and the enforcement of America’s immigration laws. That’s exactly what the E-Verify program does. 

E-Verify, operated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, is today a voluntary program that checks the social security numbers of newly hired employees against existing Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security records to help ensure that they are genuinely eligible to work in the United States. All an employer has to do is access the website and input a prospective employee’s information. In less than two minutes, E-Verify quickly confirms nearly 99 percent of work-eligible employees.

The Legal Workforce Act, which I recently helped introduce, brings our nation’s employment eligibility system into the 21st century. Rather than relying on the current paper-based I-9 system that is susceptible to fraud, this bill requires all U.S. employers to use E-Verify.

The Legal Workforce Act is an important complement to immigration enforcement solutions being worked on in the House Judiciary Committee. By expanding a simple, technologically efficient program to verify employee eligibility and enforce immigration laws, this allows for reforms to our broken agricultural guestworker program to advance as well. While fixing America’s legal immigration system is important, strengthening our borders and enhancing existing immigration laws must come first. Through E-Verify, the Legal Workforce Act will help preserve jobs for citizens and legal workers, further discouraging illegal immigration. 

The Judiciary Committee will continue to pursue legislative solutions to see that our immigration laws are enforced and that the system works for the United States and its citizens. Expanding E-Verify nationwide is a critical component to the interior enforcement of our immigration laws and will help maintain the integrity of our immigration system for the years ahead. Click here to read my full weekly column.

Introducing the USA Liberty Act

The USA Liberty Act protects Americans’ lives and their civil liberties. On Friday, I introduced this bipartisan bill to reauthorize the expiring Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act - a critical national security tool that keeps Americans safe. The bill also reforms this tool to protect Americans’ constitutional rights. It contains more accountability, transparency, and oversight so that the American people have confidence that our cherished liberties continue to be protected as the intelligence community keeps us safe from foreign enemies wishing to harm our nation and citizens. The USA Liberty Act also enhances national security by increasing penalties for those who leak classified information and calling on the intelligence agencies to share information with each other and with our allies to combat terrorism.

You can click here to watch my press conference on the bill. This bill is the product of many months of discussion, and I look forward to bringing the USA Liberty Act up in the House Judiciary Committee soon.

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Congratulations, Mountain View Elementary School

Mountain View Elementary School in Rockbridge County was recently named a National Blue Ribbon School for 2017. This well-deserved recognition is the result of hard work put in by students, educators, staff, and the community to promote academic achievement and create a welcoming learning environment. As MVES prepares to celebrate 100 years, I am pleased to congratulate the school on this exciting honor and look forward to welcoming them to Washington.

A Few Photos from Last Week...

1) Small businesses like River Hill Distillery in Luray play a big role in Virginia’s economy. In recent years we have seen the local agricultural industry growing to encompass more diverse types of agribusinesses, including craft distilleries. I toured River Hill recently to learn more about their operation and hear how federal policies impact their business. 2) It's always good to meet with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. I'm glad he is serving as a strong voice for American agriculture. 3) I enjoyed meeting with Sixth District members of the Auto Care Association about federal issues impacting parts stores, distributors, and manufacturers. Thanks for coming by! 

White House Immigration Priorities

On Sunday, the Trump Administration put forth a serious proposal to address the enforcement of our immigration laws and border security. Many of these policies have been included in legislation passed by the House Judiciary Committee. As a member of the Speaker’s working group on immigration, we will take time to review the Administration’s priorities and consider their implications for our immigration system and the rule of law. One thing is clear, however: we cannot fix the DACA problem without fixing all of the issues that led to the underlying problem of illegal immigration in the first place.


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