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John Kasich
2017-10-11 12:49:47
Martha McSally for Congress

I am so honored to write to you today on behalf of a friend and a former fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force, Congresswoman Martha McSally.

Because Martha has been such a strong voice for meaningful reform in Washington, I knew I had to write you when I heard what the Democrats are doing in her district.

I have just learned that Martha has been named one of the Democrat's top targets in 2018, and that already she is facing tough opposition in her district. I"need your help right away to stop them.

I am determined to do all that I can to help Martha in her campaign, in what is quickly becoming one of the most watched races in the nation, because I know she is exactly the kind of leader we need in Washington.

Martha is NOT a career politician.

However, she has spent her life serving our country - as the first female fighter pilot and later fighter squadron commander in our nation's history, Martha flew over 300 combat hours in the A-10 attack jet and served six tours of duty where she fought terrorists and all who wish to attack our way of life.

After 26 years in the Air Force, Martha retired as Colonel. But she was not done fighting for our country. She saw in Washington what so many of us see - the desperate need for leadership.

Again, Martha answered our nation's call.

As only a sophomore member, she has taken every day she is "deployed in D.C." as a means to forward her mission: to get results for Americans like YOU. Already, she has authored 17 bills that have passed the House, and two which have become law - including critical national security measures.

The Democrats have clearly taken notice of Martha's capacity to get things done in Washington. That's why they are so determined to unseat her in 2018.

Unity, Washington needs more leaders like Martha McSally.

Will you please help Martha today with a one-time contribution? Her race is expected to be among the closest in the nation, winning by only 167 votes in 2014, so a donation of ANY AMOUNT will make a huge impact:

Donate"$150 »




Donate"Another Amount»

Thank you for your help with this Unity. I know that if good people like YOU stand up to support Martha, the Democrats will not succeed.


Governor John Kasich

PS: Remember, the Democrats are determined to do whatever it takes to roll back the Republican agenda, and they know that Martha is a proven leader in the House. She's"a top target and she needs our help. If you are able, make a contribution today to stand with Martha.Thanks, John.


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