Democrats are targeting me for defeat

Trey Gowdy
2017-10-12 17:27:50
Trey Gowdy for Congress

I'll get straight to it -- I've ticked off Nancy Pelosi & her buddy in Congress -- Adam Schiff, and the Democrats are targeting me for defeat.

Because I have been speaking the truth in Congress this past week (and always), Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are lining up the Democrat machine to take me down next election.

Unity, I will NEVER be bullied into silence.

If"I can count on you for a donation, please let me know by either following this secure link or clicking the button below.

An online contribution is the fastest way to show your support and it would mean a great deal to me. It would also send a clear message to Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff that picking a fight with me is picking a fight with you.

I was elected to Congress because the great citizens of South Carolina put their faith in me to represent them well and hold Washington accountable.

Unity, I remember every single day why I am in Washington and I am working around the clock to make our nation proud and our future safer and brighter. I'm focused on putting Washington back to work, holding lawmakers accountable, and upholding my promise to put the safety and security of South Carolinians - and all Americans - first.

I would not be back in Washington DC fighting for our shared beliefs and values - if it were not for your"help and support.

Unity, as you know, I try to hold everyone in power in Washington accountable for their actions - which hasn't always made people happy. Though we are months away from Election Day, many are already targeting me for defeat, and no one would love to see me leave Congress more than Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

You can always count on me to stand up and tell the truth - no matter how angry that makes people. So, Unity, if you want me to be able to stay fighting and speaking up for our values then please let me know if I can count on you right now.

Please"consider making a financial contribution of whatever amount you are able to afford.

Thank you for your help.


Trey Gowdy
South Carolina 4th District

P.S."The Democrats fear my voice of the truth and want me out of Congress as soon as possible. I want to stay fighting for our shared beliefs, but I won't be able to if these groups set on defeating me are successful. That's why I need your help today! Any amount you can afford to donate will go a long way towards meeting our goal.

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