In 36 hours...

Ed Gillespie
2017-11-05 19:06:29
Ed Gillespie for Governor
Unity, can you feel it? The momentum... the electricity... the nerves... the STAKES.

In 36 hours, you will be standing in line to cast your vote. In"36 hours, you will walk into your polling place and fulfill your civic duty. And in 36 hours, Unity, don't you want to wake up knowing you did your part?

Unity, this race will be decided by a couple of votes and it is critical that everyone vote on Tuesday. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will ensure we have the funds needed to reach every undecided and decided voter over the next 36 hours.

We need your vote in 36 hours and we need your support right now, more than EVER! The future of Virginia is in our hands and this race will come down to just a couple of votes -- we cannot afford to sit idly by and do nothing. Unity, I hope you will take action right now- we have all the momentum but we have got to finish strong! I know, with your ongoing support, we will!


Ed Gillespie

P.S."Unity, it's time to GET OUT THE VOTE. Whether it's making a donation, knocking on doors, or making phone calls your support will ensure our momentum keeps pumping! Your donation will instantly hit our accounts and ensure we have the funds needed to reach every voter before Tuesday!

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