America Should Follow The Texas Success Story

Senator John Cornyn
2013-02-01 12:45:06
THE LONESTAR WEEKLY Senator Cornyn�s E-Newsletter The Lonestar Weekly* *Chuck Hagel�s Confirmation Conversion* [image = Sends Worst Possible Message to Allies.jpg] [link 1] Click Here to Watch Video [link 2] This week, Chuck Hagel appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee for a hearing on his nomination to serve as Secretary of Defense.� Since the announcement of Senator Hagel�s nomination, I have been clear that his confirmation would send the worst possible message to our enemies, as well as our allies.� Not only has Senator Hagel been a persistent critic of Iran sanctions, he�s also displayed a stubborn hostility toward America�s closest allies in the Middle East. Senator Hagel is now repudiating many of his past actions and statements. But we�ve seen this before � people approaching the confirmation process undergoing a sudden transformation. Senator Hagel has not undergone an abrupt ideological makeover - he just wants to win Senate approval. It�s what we might call a �confirmation conversion.� � *The Case Against Hagel* This week, I wrote an op-ed [link 3]�for National Review Online, arguing the case against Senator Hagel: ��Whether or not Chuck Hagel is confirmed as our next defense secretary, his nomination has already done serious damage to U.S. credibility on Iran, thereby emboldening the most dangerous regime in the Middle East. To limit the damage, President Obama should choose someone else to lead the Pentagon. �During his years in the Senate, Hagel�s opposition to Iran sanctions placed him in a very, *very* small minority. For example, only one senator joined him in voting against sanctions in 2001, and only one Senate Banking Committee member joined him in rejecting a different sanctions package in 2008. Simply put: He has zero credibility on perhaps the biggest foreign-policy challenge of President Obama�s second term.� News Releases* **January 31: **Cornyn, Johanns, Alexander File Bill Stopping Unconstitutional NLRB, CFPB Actions [link 4] * *January 30: **Sen. Cornyn Introduces Bill to Encourage Public-Private Partnerships For U.S. Ports of Entry� [link 5]� * *January 30: **Cornyn Calls for Hearings on DoJ�s Failure to Enforce Gun Laws� [link 6] * *January 30: **Cornyn Op-Ed: The Case Against Hagel� [link 7] * *January 25: **Cornyn Statement on 2013 March For Life [link 8]� * *January 23: **Cornyn, Bipartisan Group of Senators Urge President To Approve Keystone XL [link 9]�� * January *23: **U.S. Senators Cornyn and Cruz Joint Statement on Texans Killed in Algeria [link 10]� * *January 17: **Cornyn Calls on Obama to Submit Debt Ceiling Request� [link 11] * *January 17: **Cornyn Questions Holder Over Death of Reddit Co-Founder Aaron Swartz [link 12]� * *January 15: **Cornyn: Closed Door Meetings, Retraction Letters Can�t Erase Hagel�s Record [link 13]� Social Media* Sen. Cornyn regularly updates his profiles with the latest news and developments from around Texas and Capitol Hill. [image =] [link 14]� [image =] [link 15]� [image =] [link 16]� [image =] [link 17] Texas Times Column* *January 28:*Remembering the Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia [link 18] *December 14: *Tales of Christmas Past In Texas [link 19] *November 20:* A Message of Thanksgiving [link 20] *September 14:* Cowtown On The Open Seas: Commissioning the USS Fort Worth [link 21] *August 29:* A Texas Town with an Abundance of Books [link 22] *August 10:* Back To School On The Texas Frontier [link 23] *July 27: *Don�t Mess With Texans� Hard-Earned Success [link 24] *July 2: *Remembering The Sacrifices Behind Independence Day [link 25] *June 15:* The Hero From Eden, Texas [link 26] *May 24:* A Bittersweet Trip on the Honor Flight Network [link 27]

America Should Follow The Texas Success Story

This week brought the sobering news that our economy is contracting, not growing.  The federal government should copy the simple economic blueprint that has proven so successful in Texas: lower taxes, limited government, sensible regulations, and strong support for domestic energy production.

These policies recently helped Texas turn a $5 billion deficit into an $8.8 billion surplus while creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the private-sector. 

We don�t need more government intervention, we need more entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Sen. Cornyn regularly updates his profiles with the latest news and developments from around Texas and Capitol Hill.

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