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Senator Mike Lee
2017-12-07 09:57:34
Josh Mandel for Senate

I rarely do this...

In fact, I've never written an email like this before.

But today I'm making an exception because the situation you and I face in this country needs our immediate attention.

I just got off the phone with former United States Marine and Ohio Republican candidate for United States Senate Josh Mandel. After talking with Josh, I couldn't wait to email you.

Friend, I hope you will stop what you are doing right now — and spend less than two minutes to read my email. And then take action right away.

More on my phone call with Josh in a minute.

I'm United States Senator Mike Lee and I'm leading the fight every day in the United States Senate to repeal Obamacare, lower taxes for ALL Americans, create new good paying jobs, secure our southern border and provide for a strong national defense.

But Democratic leaders in the Senate have united to block our push for a conservative agenda every step of the way.

That's why I'm emailing you this urgent plea today.

After talking with Josh Mandel on the phone I'm convinced that with his help in the Senate we can pass a conservative agenda that President Trump will sign into law. That's why I have pledged to help Josh find 10,000 patriots who will commit to supporting a United States Marine for Senate.

And I'm hoping to do this in the next 48 hours!

Can I count on you to pledge your support for Josh Mandel today?

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Support a U.S. Marine for Senate

Josh Mandel is a father, husband, Marine Corps veteran (he served two tours in Iraq), and is currently serving his second term as Ohio's Treasurer.

Josh's experience as both a veteran and State Treasurer have given him a view of our country on many levels — and he knows firsthand what needs fixing, what needs eliminating, and how to make America Great Again.

Friend, we need a fighter like Josh in the Senate — our future depends on it.

That's why I'm asking you — pleading with you — to make a simple pledge of support today. Will you join me by pledging your support to elect U. S. Marine Josh Mandel to the United States Senate?

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Support a U.S. Marine for Senate

You see, our path forward is simple: we are on the brink of a strong conservative majority — a majority that can pass a conservative agenda that Trump will support — if only we can replace just a few liberal Democrats in the Senate — liberals like Josh's Democratic opponent.

Friend, what you and I do NOW will decide the future for our country. If we can elect more committed conservative patriots like Josh Mandel to the Senate we can change our nation.

That's why I need your pledge today — in the next 48 hours if possible.

The Senate election in Ohio could make the difference. Will you be one of 10,000 patriots committed to electing a United States Marine to the Senate?

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Support a U.S. Marine for Senate

Friend, here is what I learned speaking with Josh on the phone.

Getting Josh to Washington isn't going to be easy. The Democrat's machine is already enlisting a national campaign team with access to millions upon millions of Democrat dollars to protect their seat in Ohio.

Without your immediate pledge of support we are afraid Ohio's crucial second Senate seat will be held by someone who is committed to fight against President Trump and conservatives for years to come.

Friend, I know you are a patriot and care deeply about our country.

Will you join me right now and become just one of 10,000 supporters desperately needed in the next 48 hours? Click"here >> to pledge your support.

If you can pledge your support for Josh Mandel and possibly make a much-needed contribution to Josh you will be taking steps to protect our future. And you will be taking steps to ensure President Trump and a growing coalition of conservatives in the Senate has enough votes to return power from Washington DC back to the American people.

I am honored you took the time to read my email, and I hope and pray you will pledge your support to Josh as well.


Senator Mike Lee (Utah)

P.S. President Trump is being slammed in the news for not getting legislation passed — it's not on him. It's on the Senate. In order to help President Trump and our nation achieve success we need to ensure Josh Mandel captures Ohio's vulnerable Senate seat and Trump has the votes he can count on. Josh has a path to victory and part of that path is relying on you and me. I hope you will join me in taking steps to ensure our future is brighter.

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Support a U.S. Marine for Senate

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