Gasless Generator Could Save Lives

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2017-12-29 06:02:30
Winning America
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If They Just Had This One Device, This Family Might Still Be Here

A tragedy has occurred in Michigan. A family of six became the latest victims to an epidemic sweeping across America.

No, it's not a viral outbreak, murderous crime spree, or even a natural disaster...

This poor family thought they were just restoring the electricity in their home after a minor power outage. They went to church, came home, and went to sleep...

And never woke up.

ALERT: This"Nearly Endless Energy Source
Could Save Your Life

Like many Americans wishing to maintain power when the lights go out, this family purchased a gas generator and placed it in their basement.

Little did they realize that when they flipped the switch of their generator to the "on" position, they were also snuffing out their own lives.

Gasoline powered generators can provide some electricity, but they also give off deadly carbon monoxide gas, which is odorless, tasteless and can kill any living thing in its path in just minutes.

This tragic family was just one horrible statistic. 430 deaths a year are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the CDC.

And yet, it doesn't have to be this way. We can prevent any more families from suffering the same fate.

Now, there's a revolutionary new device that can power your home without any gas, fumes, or noise and without risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

See"the demonstration of how it's used here:

Robert H.

I am retired U.S. Army Officer, Ranger, Airborne, combat experienced Vietnam veteran and recently retired from my second career in nuclear security. I purchased the Patriot Power Generator 1500 package about ten months ago and in preparation for Irma's arrival, got it out today and set it, and the solar panels up, for the first time. I found that the generator, as advertised, has remained fully charged while sitting in my garage and it works perfectly. It has brought me an unbelievable degree of confidence and peace of mind that my wife and our family will do just fine if we experience an expected power outage that Irma may produce. I have purchased several additional items since the initial generator buy and have always found the men and ladies who answer the phone to be not only extremely pleasant, but very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. Thank you for your great support!

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Ron M.

I have had several power outages lately, giving me a chance to try it out. It has run my refrigerator for 8 hours on two different outages. It ran my desktop computer and accessories for about the same time.

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Phillip R.

I was thinking about a solar generator because the noise and fumes from my gas generator was getting on my nerves, then I got the email from 4Patriots. What sold me was the fact that I could charge and discharge this generator once a day every day for more than five years. The warranty- who in the world gives a warranty like that? No one else. The compactness, weight and all those features, outstanding! And finally, the portability factor even including the solar panels. Now I have used the system to run most of my hand tools, a small refrigerator, a desktop computer, a laptop and cell phones and had no problems with over or under power / load. The best part is that most of the tests I did at night and inside. Very quiet. Hooking up the solar panels was a breeze and the unit began charging with no problems. This unit is well worth the money, a great piece of gear to have and an awesome warranty to go with it. I very highly recommend the Patriot Generator 1500.

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Kathy D.

I have been looking at generators. I bought this one because gas might not be available. This one is safe because of the solar power. It is renewable power. It is easy to set up.

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Ann D.

I am very happy with my purchase of the Power Generator. I use it as an independent system in my small second cabin on my property and I can power my sewing machine, lights, and computer. This is a safer alternative than running a 100' extension cord which tripped the power breaker each time it rained. I now have power rain or shine.

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Edward M.

I was very pleased and relieved that the generator was easy to assemble. I even got the generator to produce electricity to light a lamp. The unit is not heavy and very portable. The solar panels are very light and easy to set up. I feel much better that I can face a power failure. I think the cost of the generator was reasonable. Thank you very much for providing this unit.

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Carl R.

I decided to invest in this generator after watching the video online. It made sense to be prepared instead of waiting for a disaster to hit. My daughter and I were living in Florida when Charlie hit and left without electricity for a week. I moved to Tennessee shortly after that stating, "I would never go thru that again". Guess what? Tennessee also gets storms from time to time that have left us in the dark. We are living in scary times and believe we need to have a plan of action rather than regret! I also ordered a year supply of food and the water filter. I feel great knowing I took these steps to protect my family!

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Travis G.

I haven't had the need to fully utilize this generator, but I have tested it on my refrigerator with excellent results. I ran the refrigerator for several hours to measure the battery drain with good results. I also tested the solar panels to recharge the device and all worked well.

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Duane M.

I feel I have done as much as I can to take care of my family and the Patriot solar generator was the one prep item I needed to truly sleep better! Hope I never have to use it, but at least I've got all the bases covered. It's a little spendy for most people, but if you can scrape together the funds. I suggest to anyone who can, buy one! Quality stuff we're talking about here.

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>>"Click here to see it in action

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