Trump's greatest hits

Eric Beach
2018-01-03 12:49:12
Great America Alliance

Despite the lack of coverage and blatantly fake news, one thing is undeniable- President Trump achieved tremendous policy victories in spite of the unparalleled resistance, sabotage and witch hunts.

In his first year, the President defied and defeated the anti-Trump forces to deliver on his campaign promises including:

  • Tax reform - Last month the President signed into law the largest tax overhaul in three decades.

  • Deregulation - POTUS signed an executive order requiring the removal of two regulations for every new one created.

  • 👔 Job creation - Under the current administration, 1.7 million new jobs have been created and unemployment hit a 17-year low.

  • 💉 Obamacare individual mandate repeal - Thanks to the new tax law, individuals will no longer be forced to purchase coverage in 2019.

  • Judicial appointments - President Trump made more appellate appointments in his first year than any other president.

  • 🚫 Travel ban - In December, the Supreme Court approved full implementation of the president's security measure.
Despite this tremendous progress, we are still ways away from a fully realized America First agenda, and President Trump can't do it alone.

That's"why our Alliance is gearing up for the fight ahead and need every last supporter to stand with us. Are you with us, Roger?

This year, the future of Obamacare, the wall, immigration reform, and infrastructure are on the table and there's no question that the opposition is already preparing for war.

Roger, President Trump's remarkable achievements have only emboldened the opposition to fight harder, which means we have to be ready.

Will"you help us ensure we have the necessary resources to continue fighting and winning in 2018?


Eric Beach
Great America Alliance

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