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2018-01-04 12:03:14
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Mary --

Over the past year, we've been speaking up, organizing with our communities and friends, and getting out the vote. And it has paid off.

We closed out 2017 with historic wins -- showing that when we are relentless in leading with our values and working together, there is nothing we can't accomplish.

We should all be so proud to be a part of this party -- together we are fighting for what we believe in while working to create a brighter future for every American.

Now that we've officially entered an election year, we'd like to ask for your help in picking the design of our Official 2018 Membership Card. Let's show we're ready to kick off 2018 with the same vigor and spirit that got us this far.

Vote for your favorite Official 2018 Membership Card and own it proudly this year:

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