Judge Blocks Trump’s Move to End DACA

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2018-01-11 12:01:46
Judicial tyranny has to end
Judicial tyranny has to end
January 11, 2018
Judge Blocks Trump's Move to End DACA
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Judicial tyranny has to stop


Trump"Blasts High Level Dem For Releasing Fusion GPS Interview Transcript

Iran's"Supreme Leader Has Meltdown

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Famous Millionaire: “Amazon Is About to SHOCK America’s Retirement”
Dear Reader, 
He received hundreds of hate tweets.
They’ve accused him of “pulling a stunt…”
And called him “fake news guy” and a “con artist.”
But now some recent  news involving Amazon has vindicated him…
This “smoking gun” proves this could change the retirement of millions of Americans.  
There’s a lot of money on the line…
And there’s no time to waste…
Because it’s scheduled to happen in early 2018.  
Doug Hill,
Publisher, Choose Yourself Media

Far"Left Money Is Behind Group That Called Trump "Press' Number One Oppressor"

NYT"Columnist States Anti-Trump Movement Sucks and IS Getting Worse
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