What a HUUUUGE Year

2018-01-19 07:11:47
Bikers For Trump

This Saturday, January 20th, is the first anniversary of our 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump's 2017 Inauguration -- and Bikers For Trump PAC wants you to celebrate this historic event with us by congratulating our Commander-in-Chief!

You can do that right now by adding your name to our "Thank You, President Trump!" message and let our Make America Great Again champion in the White House know how much he means to you!

Roger, we all worked incredibly hard to help elect Donald Trump our President -- and now he's working as hard as he can to deliver on our freedom and prosperity agenda against the unhinged resistance of the Washington, D.C. political Establishment "Swamp" and the Fake News media -- a brutal and thankless job.

So why not take this perfect opportunity to show President Trump you appreciate everything he's doing and - just like Bikers For Trump - you've still got his back!

Sign the Bikers For Trump "Thank You, Mr. President!" E-Card now, and after you do, why not back it up with a generous gift of $25, $50, $75 or even $100 or more to support rallies for pro trump candidates that helped him win in '16, will elect his allies in '18, and re-elect the President in 2020!

Thank you, Roger -- don't wait -- we'll send our message in just 2 days, so add your name now!


Chris Cox
Bikers For Trump PAC

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