Shutdown showdown

Winning America
2018-01-22 10:07:56
Winning America
The following is a special message from one of our sponsors, Heritage Action for America. The following message reflects the opinion and representations of our sponsor alone, and not necessarily the opinion of Winning America.

Fellow conservative,

The Democrats have shut down the government.

They demanded amnesty and chose to stand up for millions of illegal immigrants instead of our military.

I need your help to fight back.

You and I need to demand that Washington prioritize our citizens and our military over law millions of illegal immigrants.

Heritage Action is launching a full-scale attack on the liberal agenda. We need your help to equip our government relations team and grassroots sentinels for a full offensive to end amnesty once and for all.

Together,"we need to confront Washington for this outrageous defense of amnesty.

Partner with Heritage Action and give"now to block amnesty:

Give"$25 to block amnesty >>>

Give"$50 to block amnesty >>>

Give"$100 to block amnesty >>>

Give"$150 to block amnesty >>>

Give"$250 to block amnesty >>>

Michael A. Needham
Heritage Action for America

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