Tuesday Tips: 6 Podcasts to Keep You Sane During the Trump Era

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2018-01-23 12:34:55
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CREDO Mobile Tuesday Tips

JAN 23, 2018
6 Podcasts to Keep You Sane During the Trump Era
6 Podcasts to Keep You Sane
“May you live in interesting times,” goes the old curse. We are certainly doing that. There are places in the Northeast colder than the surface of Mars. There are billion-dollar corporations getting tax cuts, then announcing mass layoffs. There are world leaders arguing about whose button is bigger. I don’t know about you but I’m hoping for more humdrum times—and the sooner the better.
Until then, there are many interesting (in the best sense of the word!) podcasts that help us make sense of this odd era we live in. In fact, at least a thousand political podcasts—most left-leaning—have launched since the 2016 election.
Here are six of our favorites.
Vote. Because it Matters.
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