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2018-01-23 11:27:12
American Veterans Center
Dear Fellow Patriot,

The Christmas season has come and gone, but the spirit of giving is something we must carry with us into the New Year. Giving back is not a sentiment that can be confined to simply one month, but rather it is our duty and our responsibility to uphold throughout the year. We cannot forget our veterans in VA Hospitals around the country once our Christmas decorations are packed away. Our veterans need us not only in December, but throughout the year and especially right now.

I was part of the Marine landing force on Iwo Jima in 1945 and I was badly wounded by a Japanese grenade during a nighttime banzai charge. After getting rescued and surviving my injuries, I would lie in my hospital bed waiting for the next care package from friends and families back home. Each day, all of the wounded guys and I waited for those sweet words of "MAIL CALL!"

The same is true today. The American Veterans Center sends out thousands of commemorative WWII calendars each year to veterans in VA hospitals around the country, who love and cherish the calendar because it helps them remember some their fondest days.

Jim Roberts has told me that The American Veterans Center will likely have to cut this program in 2018 because of a lack of funds. However, should we be able to raise $3,100, the Board has agreed to allow Mr. Roberts to keep the program!

If"you are able to send in $12 for this program, the American Veterans Center will send a calendar to you and a calendar to a WWII veteran, in a VA hospital, as well.

If you give a calendar I'll send you one as a thank you.

Help us to give back to our veterans and to protect this program that brings joy to so many WWII Veterans. No veteran should ever feel alone or forgotten. These calendars are a reminder that they are cared for and appreciated.

Please"consider making a gift of $12 or more to bring a smile to a veteran's face. I want you to get a calendar so that each day when you look at it, it will remind you of the time you stepped up to help brighten a WWII veteran's day.

Thank you for your help and prayers.

Don Mates
Iwo Jima

Donations made to the American Veterans Center are tax-deductible. The American Veterans Center is a project of The American Studies Center, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational foundation.

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