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Tom Perez
2018-01-26 16:26:20
The Democratic Party
Things aren't going to get better in this country until we take back power from the Republicans.
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Friend --

I don't think there's such a thing as an easy week in Donald Trump's America, but this sure has seemed like one of the harder ones.

In tough times, it can be exhausting to stay focused -- it seems easier to give up and check out. But that's the last thing we can afford to do right now. In fact, it's exactly what they want us to do.

When it comes down to it, this is all pretty simple:
  1. Republicans have unified control of the federal government.
  2. As a result of that, some terrible things have been happening in this country.
  3. The best way to do something about all of this is to take Republicans' power from them by electing more Democrats.
That's why I'm asking for your help today. Can you make a donation of $3 right now and help Democrats fight back against Republicans?

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There has been some good news this week that makes me even more optimistic about our chances to deliver a devastating blow to Republicans this year:
  • Last weekend, millions of people across the country came out to Women's March events -- an incredible show of grassroots energy and enthusiasm.
  • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down the state's outrageously gerrymandered congressional map, putting more House seats firmly in play in that state.
  • An ABC News poll shows Democrats holding a 14-point lead over Republicans among likely voters in the generic congressional ballot -- an indicator of a potential wave election this November.
The next few months are going to be hard. But if we stick together and fight back, we'll be in a position to take back power from Republicans in Congress, in state houses, and in city halls all across this country.

That's how we'll get our country back on track -- and it starts with people like you showing that you're in to win right now. If you're with us, donate $3 right now to show it:

Let's go,


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

P.S. -- Things aren't going to get better in this country until we take back power from the Republicans. Help Democrats get our country back on track by chipping in $3 today.

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