Marco Rubio
2018-01-29 18:21:11
Marco Rubio
Friend, can you help out before midnight January 31st?

I'll keep this short.

My campaign's first deadline of 2018 is just hours away, and we are coming up short. $15,950 short to be exact.

It's critical to my campaign's success that we are able to meet our marks and start this year off with the strongest numbers possible. If we don't meet our marks then the national Democrats will view this as a failure and an opening to defeat both our campaign and our values. We CANNOT let that happen.

If"you can help me by contributing any donation amount before midnight on January 31st, please do so by following this secure link or the button below.

Democrats across the nation would just love to see my voice disappear in Washington, and I need your help to ensure that doesn't happen.

Reaching and surpassing our first deadline of 2018 is so important and I hope you will help out if you're able.

Thanks for being a great friend and supporter.


Marco Rubio

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